Vivica A. Foxx and Baby Phat's BJ Coleman attended the Fall '08 Fashion Week in Bryant Park this weekend. Does Vivica count herself among the growing number of women who feel more comfortable dating gay men because they're "safe"?

Dance Choreographer Lori Ann Gibson shows off her newly purchased implants at the Baby Phat Fashion Show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on Saturday.

Mel B and daughter go for Japanese food before heading out to the Spice Girls concert in Toronto.

Christina Milian at Bryant Park for Fall '08 Fashion Week in NYC.

Singer Kat Deluna attended the Fall '08 Fashion Week in Bryant Park over the weekend.

Photos: Splash News

If you're not familiar with Kat Deluna don't worry, you will be. She's about to be all up in your grill if her handlers have their way. Never mind that Kat's only claim to fame seems to be a song she made called "Whine Up" that I've never heard before.

Never mind that the song didn't crack the top 100 on Billboard charts. You see, she has "the look" and that seems to be all you need to make it in the music industry these days. The freckle faced 21-year-old from the Dominican Republic has made appearances in the requisite rap videos and she's been featured in all the right national magazines and MTV's TRL.

All she needs now is a little controversy and she's a bonafide starrah.

So here's a note from music industry execs to all you talented African American singers with negroidian features and nappy hair who can put Whitney Houston to shame in the vocal department: Wendy's is hiring.