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Oprah's gripping interview with disgraced seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong left viewers with one lasting impression of him: arrogant.

Oprah did her homework; she knew that When dealing with a smug narcissist, who thinks he's smarter than the rest of the world, you allow him no wiggle room.

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Cutting is quite common among young adolescents, but the phenomenon is increasing among adults as well.

Cutting is defined as the most common form of self-injury. Cutters injure themselves with sharp or blunt instruments in order to feel physical pain which masks the internal, emotional pain they are feeling inside.

Most cutters are young females and teenage boys who suffer from depression or social anxiety. The cuts are usually superficial, just deep enough to draw blood, on areas such as the face, arms, chest, or abdomen.

Our culture's current obsession with tattoos is also seen as a form of self-injury among the young. An example of a troubled celebrity who practices self-injury -- disguised as self-expression -- is singer Rihanna, who recently carved a crude cross into her neck (see photo above).

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Yesterday, we noted a CNN reporter labeled Kim Kardashian a narcissist. In the comments section we mentioned Kim K. using Reggie Bush (if they are back together) as her source of Narcissistic Supply. Many of you were unfamiliar with this term, which is also known as NS.

According to psychoanalyst Otto Fenichel, the Malignant Narcissist requires 'narcissistic supply' from the environment the same way a baby needs a bottle. Psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg referred to the coldness in a narcissist's relationships as the "tendency to disregard others except in temporary idealization of narcissistic supply".

Lisa E. Scott explains that narcissists have no innate sense of self or self identity. So they tend to "look outward" for objects or people that will reflect him or her as wonderful, such as a trophy wife or an expensive car.

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Yesterday, we discussed your friend who humps every hawt man she meets. One week later, she's planning her dream wedding to him. She changes men like she changes her underwear, and she hops from bed to bed like a rabbit in heat.

Your friend is most likely an addictive personality type who raves about her love for men she barely knows. There's a certain level of desperation that separates her from other women in your peer group.

But here's a scenario from the perspective of a non-addictive personality type, who meets a man after being single for awhile. She would probably say something like this:

"I met a guy. He seems nice. We have a lot in common. We've agreed to see each other again. I'll wait and see where this leads..."

The non-addictive personality type is not as desperate to jump into a relationship with a man she just met. She's able to think more clearly and make better decisions. Her brain is not addled by dopamine, so she is more in control of her behavior and her thought processes.

She more than likely doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. The non-addictive personality type channels her energy into more productive pursuits (and less destructive) activities, such as jogging or blogging.

So how does all of this tie into cheating? People who have addictive personalities develop destructive behavior patterns over time, such as cheating, abusing drugs or alcohol, gambling, pornography, and risk taking.

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Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Kandi, is featured on the Nov. 2010 cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Inside the magazine, Kandi talks about her life after her fiance's death, her current relationship with NFL player Willis McGahee, and her uncertainty about returning to the hit show

New album, Kandi Koated, coming soon!!!

Source: Tresa Sanders | Tre-Media

It looks like U.S. president Barack Obama's political troubles are causing him to hit the bottle excessively.

As you know, Mr. Obama is widely considered to be a narcissist, and narcissists tend to have addictive personalities. In Obama's case, his addictions appear to be to cigarettes and alcohol, rather than drugs.

Obama, who smokes 8 packs per day, famously told the media last year that he had quit smoking. But that was just a lie. He also promised his wife, Michelle, that he would quit his nasty habit. But, unfortunately, even nicotine patches couldn't help him stop smoking.

With Obama's approval ratings dipping near 40%, and his $3 trillion health care bill on life support, it's no wonder that Obama is drinking himself under the table as a form of self medicating to take his mind off his worries.

According to UK's The Guardian, Obama recently had an annual physical. And while his doctor gave him a clean bill of health, it was noted that Obama is "still struggling to kick his smoking habit."

But most interestingly, Obama's doctor recommended "moderation of alcohol intake".

That last note is important because if Obama was a casual drinker there would be no need for his doctor to advise him to drink "in moderation." It means Obama is hitting that bottle hard, and the liquor (and smoking) are likely affecting his health.

While Obama's doctors portray him as being healthy, we know there is no such thing as a healthy drunk or a healthy cigarette smoker. At some point, the excessive imbibing and the chronic smoking will take its toll on his liver and lungs.

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