Is Carmelo Anthony a rapper now? Last night As the America's Most Wanted Tour stopped in Denver, Co. Young Jeezy brought out NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets, who performed during Jeezy's set. No word on whether Melo is good enough to get signed. But given the current sorry state of Hip Hop, it probably wouldn't hurt to sign the NBA forward to a deal.

One word of advice to Melo and other wannabe rappers: don't be idiots like Bow Wow and Omarion and sign to an active artist's label. That artist is only looking out for #1 and you will never be their top priority!

Just ask Omarion, who found himself without a label home when Lil Wayne dropped him in order to make room on the roster for Bow Wow, who will be kicked to the curb to make room for some other rapper in the near future.

Lil Wayne is only looking to fill his roster with "name" artists to attract investors to his other business ventures, just like Sean Combs does with his "name" artists on his lame Bad Boy Records. If a record does get put out you can be sure it will flop because there won't be any marketing push behind it.

Stop letting these morons use you, kids!

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A rough looking Halle Berry took in a WNBA basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday. She's definitely seen better days. The WNBA players looked more feminine than she did.
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I'm only posting this pic because Monica is in it.


Disgraced singer Chris Brown posed on a video set with Omarion, Keri Hilson, Monica and producer Polow Da Don in L.A. last night.
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Could one-hit wonder Cassie be the next Rihanna? Only in her dreams. Cassie stepped out last night to attend the New York screening of "The September Issue" with her man Sean Combs (though they walked in separately). Did I tell you that Cassie's family and friends have no clue why she's with a man old enough to be her uncle?
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To everyone who said the Lakers would sweep the Orlando Magic: how does Dwight Howard's A** taste now?

You should have known the Lakers couldn't sweep the Magic on their own home floor.

Anyway, as most of you know, our baby Dwight poured in 21 points and snatched down 14 rebounds to help his team spank Kobe Bean and the Lakers 108-104 last night in Orlando.

Game 4 is on Thursday night and the Magic will win that one too.

Watching the slaughter at courtside were the usual suspects, Tiger Woods, Ludacris, Omarion, Lil Wayne, Spike Lee, and others.

Lil Wayne looks like he has a garbage disposal in his mouth

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