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Caught On Tape: Hoodrat gives infant weed to smoke

I would support President Obama for reelection if he would impose mandatory birth control on hoodrats like this woman who gave her infant weed to smoke. In the cell phone video, which first appeared on Worldstar Hip Hop, the woman offers the child a hit off of her marijuana cigarette. The little boy appears to…

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Lil Reese’s Beating Victim Responds to Video

The young lady who was jumped by rapper/gang banger Lil Reese in a videotaped beat down released a statement via her Facebook page yesterday. Confirming that the assault occurred last year, the woman, whose Facebook username is Self Made Prodigy, described being assaulted by Reese (pictured above) and his sister. More from Cops investigating…

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Does LeBron James have a secret love child?

Rumors are flying that Miami Heat superstar LeBron James has a secret love child with a former TV reporter. It all makes sense now. Tongues were wagging when LeBron’s fiancee Savannah did not immediately join him on the court to celebrate the Heat’s NBA Finals win. The celebrating began even before the clock expired during…

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