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Rihanna was not in the mood to greet fans as she and her mother exited their London hotel on the way to her concert in Sunderland, England. The troubled singer bashed a fan in the head with her microphone during a concert in Birmingham this week. The unprovoked attack came after the emotional fan held onto Rihanna’s arm as the Bajan singer waded through the audience. The fan is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against the rude girl, who is still bitter after being dumped by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna is currently on the European leg of her of “Diamonds” world tour.
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Rihanna Drops $5 Million Topshop Lawsuit?

Rihanna Drops $5 Million Topshop Lawsuit

Troubled singer Rihanna may have had a change of heart and decided not to sue British clothier Topshop over their unauthorized use of her likeness on a tank top.

According to The Sun Daily, Rihanna filed a $5 million lawsuit against Topshop after months of negotiations failed last year. Rihanna was upset that Topshop sold oversized tank tops bearing her image without her consent.

In reality, Rihanna was probably more unhappy about the unflattering image that Topshop used.

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Rihanna’s Tour Bus Breaks Down in Canada

Rihanna tour bus breaks down in Canada

According to my intel who is deeply embedded in Rihanna’s camp, the troubled singer’s tour bus broke down as it crossed the border into Canada early this morning. Rihanna tweeted these images while waiting on the side of the road for a mechanic to arrive. Of course, she doesn’t want her fans to know about her bus mishap, but what’s the big deal? Buses break down — even million-dollar custom tour buses.

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New Couple Alert? Rihanna and La La’s Cousin Dice

Rihanna and Dice Dixon

According to my loyal reader who sent in this photo, troubled singer Rihanna and La La’s lesbun cousin Dice Dixon have been hanging tight lately. My source says La La Anthony’s reality series La La’s Full Court Life is still taping and that Rihanna might be featured on the next season with Dice. That’s an interesting development.

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    Celebs Out & About: Rihanna and Chris Brown

    Rihanna and Chris Brown shopping

    Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted shopping with Rihanna’s weed carrier, Melissa Forde, at the Wild Style by Joyrich store on Wednesday (April 10) in Los Angeles. Rihanna wasted no time tweeting a photo of herself with Chris, as if to prove a point.

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    Body Language 101: Rihanna and Chris Brown

    Rihanna and Chris Brown

    It looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown’s dysfunctional relationship has risen out of the ashes again. The astute among you will recognize this break-up-to-make-up pattern as the hallmark of dysfunctional relationships.

    Rihanna, 25, tweeted the image above of her and Brown together. Brown’s body language in the photo speaks volumes. Once again Rihanna looks the part of the pathetic, clingy woman, while Brown looks like he can’t wait to get away from her. If you squint you can almost see the ball and chain that Rihanna has wrapped around Brown’s neck.

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    Rihanna admits she doesn’t understand love

    Rihanna and mother

    Rihanna was so depressed and brokenhearted over her latest failure at Love that her mother jetted to her side to talk her down off the ledge, according to my confidential source.

    “Rihanna was suicidal. She considers herself a complete failure,” said my source. Rihanna’s people considered canceling her LA concert, until her mother flew to her side and gave her the only true Love she has ever known.

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