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Haters are everywhere it seems. Someone at doesn't think much of Janet Jackson's upcoming CD "Discipline". The non-fan thinks the album is destined to flop. So they went ahead and labeled the album a flop on Amazon's website.

A sharp eyed Janet fan spotted the title and alerted Janet's label. But the title is still there. Check it out at this link.

Perez Hilton has a full review of Janet's album which was previewed at a Def Jam listening party in my birth place of London, England on Wednesday.

  • melb2008

    Janet had great hits with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Every since she hooked up with these young cats, her career has been down the toilet. I like Feedback but I hope the rest of her album has mature songs, her last couple of albums sound like some Britney Spears ish. I just wish she'd embrace her age and release some mature music. The old Janet/Jimmy Jam & T. Lewis had the music game on lockdown!

  • LB

    i don't particularly care either way how well this album does. I just find it pathetic how people will wish and anticipate the failure of people. present site included

  • Goliano

    "Haters are everywhere"

    No that's just the fitting-room mirror you're looking in.

  • Bird

    Oncetagain they got me throwed off. Whoever is listing it thinks it's gonna flop, but they are trying to sell it? What gives?

  • 2bme

    Doesn't matter..janet's diehard fans will make up their own minds...this right here is meaningless..just another person with too much time on their hands

  • tbrown

    It's still there goddamnit. LOL. I guess they can get away with it because they've labeled the album's format as "karaoke". Still, it's okay to 'hate' whatever you want, but when you extend this kind of energy, then, well, it just sucks to be you. :lol: SMH. I'm buying the REAL album; that's all that matters.

  • Angel_Minded

    I'll be purchasing 'Discipline' and trust, this album will not be a flop! If Soulja Boy can hold down the #10 spot on the billboard 100 then Janet can have the #1 album in the country...flop my @ss!

  • licia

    that's just wrong. anywho, like tbrown & angel i will be buying my copy no doubt .

  • ATLien

    That's funny! Now they've updated the listing and put up the real album cover photo. All I can say is "WoW"...I guess any press is good press...

  • Sharonda

    Hmm, someone must did a karaoke of her song or something.

  • gmoed1974

    it's amazing that the overall attitude of black people is janet is just too old and should go sit down....

    you don't hear white people speak of madonna like that.

    it never amazes me how black fans will build up their celebrities, just to break them back down and cast them to the wind. and janet never did anything to deserve such treatment.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    Wow, Janet has a reproach upon her since that Superbowl incident. I don't like to see anyone fail so I hope she will do well with this album.

  • milly

    I hope she does well