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Sports Illustrated, considered the Holy Grail of Sports photography, has released its hotly anticipated Swimsuit Issue. Okay, La La Vasquez didn't make the cover (as if that would ever happen in our lifetimes). But she is featured in the "Player's Wives" section as a "model."

She's pretty and her equipment is quite impressive, but we wouldn't go so far as to put the former MTV jock in the model category. One question though: when did La La and Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony get married?

We here at strive to be accurate and credible. While checking our notes, we cannot find an invitation to their nuptials which had to be the wedding of the year. I'm confidant that one of my loyal readers will come up with a date and maybe a few pics from their wedding.

In the meantime, check out La La and the other player's wives in Sports Illustrated.

  • Mike Belgrove

    there must be more than one cover to this mag because one of the bloggers on my site posted the SI swimsuit cover and it had a white woman on the cover.

  • Bird

    Sandra didn't you know baby mama means wife if the woman is well-known enough, the man is rich enough, and is still with the woman at the time of the story? Remember Kim was profiled on the rapper's wives special.

  • ATLien

    It's photoshopped... read the paragraph below the pic!

  • J Gats Juice

    Mike Belgrove, u're right. La La did not make the cover.... Marisa Miller did (only 2 women of color have had the SI cover; Beyonce & Tyra).

    Standra, they're engaged. Have been for about 50/11 years now. And is it just me or is she looking like a space cadet on this spread? Something seems off about her....

  • realistic


  • Dt2

    She snatched Carmelo (thats a plus it self) she looks good in this ad. I like LaLa and Carmelo together there cute. Why is Sandra even making a deal that they called her his wife. It does sound better than babymama :) Go LaLa she looks nice..So what happened with TRL

  • Negrito

    @J Gats Juice

    I could be wrong but didn't Bahamian model Shakara Ledard also had the SI cover once?....and she was like the first black model that made the SI cover?

  • J Gats Juice

    let me do my research... I thought only Bey and Tyra did it because everybody made such a big deal out of it. Let me check... I could be wrong

  • kat

    well right underneath carmelo's picture when you click the link, it says FIANCE' big as day....
    la la always looked boring to she does in these pictures. something about her smile...or lack there of....

  • J Gats Juice

    @ Negrito, she was featured in the mag in 01, 02, 03 and 05 (i believe it said), but wasnt on the cover.... Kat, I thought i was the only one who thought that

  • prettybrwngrl

    she's a cute girl...but lay of the smoke la la.

  • candy

    She looks different and not in a good way

  • LB

    thats phootshopped. she's not on the cover, she's on the inside... and for good reason i see

  • Smokie

    Common law wife. And dammit, her eyes are always...weird.

    Is she fine???? I don't quite think so.

  • chat bout

    and so what? if "SI" did their photo shoot with only the white wivies that would have been a problem. so lets just be happy for another black woman.she had a baby not too long ago she looks ok and ppl at "SI" thought so also. nuff respect and big everytime lala.

  • pinkvirgo

    Shes just not cute to me

  • 2thick4u

    Congrats on getting more exposure!!!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Player's wives? Umm yeah...when did Lala and Carmelo get married. I must have missed the memo...last time I checked she was still on BM status.

  • Necole Bitchie

    Sandra they are married by default. You ain't know?? lol :) You scared me with that cover, i was like, there is no way that white men are having that..

  • Yanaja

    She looks damn good for someone who gave birth within the past year. I'm glad she had the confidence to do it. I'm not a fan of her relationship with 'Melo (out of jealousy really lol) but they seem to be in it for the long haul at least by industry standards.

    Career wise, her voice is annoying as hell ot me and I don't think she's that cute, but I'm always willing to big up a Black-Latina making moves...

    FYI shes 100% boricua...

  • HeyNow

    She looks like Kermit the frog and fragile rock. I do have to give her props for losing that baby weight.

  • hellava10

    She's kinda like that one curl that won't curl just quite right. You keep looking at it like "huh?" and you can't put your finger on what exactly it is. She does look great for just having a baby, or is that photoshopped too?


    I was about to say, this celebrity stuff is getting out of hand. She is cute and all but most def not ready for the cover of that magazine. I wish they would stop all this celebrity as models stuff anyway. Models and models for a reason.


    models are models for a reason.


  • SnootyPooty1

    @BEAUTYINBALTIMORE... I concur models have earned that title.
    She is a pretty woman, just not a model...

  • plushlush

    and wives are wives for a reason is she married to carmello or is he just her babydaddy??? when did they get married oh ok and now its more profitable for her to be latina at this point since she has hoed and pimp the black man and the black community now she latina---aint he to young for her anyway couldn't get nobody on her own level
    tricked the child into parenthood...
    la chica mala no es negra ya ella es latín latina latina

  • milly

    Shes very pretty, and I think they are infact engaged, I remember him mentioning that on an episode of cribs.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Besides her milkjuggs, Lala got no damn body.

  • RichieDomino

    Nice. I love her eyes, contacts or not. Sexy is as sexy does.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Yes she looks good for someone who recently gave birth, a model she is not, Wifey either, and thank GOD she is not on the cover of that magazine. Congradulations La La!!!

  • MZN

    Not a good look for La La at all. She just better stick with TRL or whatever she does.

  • Mia

    While she is not cute at all, this is the best I've seen her look in a while. Too bad they can't photoshop her ass in real life. It must've taken hours to get rid of those black eyes that she sports on the regular.

  • MZN

    She looks tired.

  • free

    lala, keep your swimsuit strings tied up. those melons are looking flatter than pita bread. nice skin though.

  • ms.peaches

    OMG Somebody call Carmelo & tell him to come get his Baby momma(lmao) what was she thinking when she looked like she was about to drop the top on those jugs!!! I think she looks GREAT for just having a baby but--- I will leave it alone. I do want to know if she is really suppose to be Ludacris sister she use to always say that I know how people talk in the biz but she said it too much!! especially if she is 100% as someone stated

  • LeAnn


    Not even that serious. She's made it more than clear that she is a latina.

    She La La.

  • dblaq

    Did yall know that Stephanie and Pookie got married????
    My dog learned how to roll over today and I am thinking about switching from verizon to cingular so I can get the I phone

  • dj_dceezy

    got dayum her knockers are huge...'Melo be face first all up in there!

  • ms.peaches

    Dblaq ur funny as hell I agree though something more interesting Sandra you slippin girlfriend

  • Maxdan

    LaLa is just a glorified baby mama. Ain't no marriage around here...Sorry but that's called "settling". Oh well, long as they understand it then i don't really care cause Melo ain't cuttin me checks or showing off our big bed on Cribs.