Sports Illustrated, considered the Holy Grail of Sports photography, has released its hotly anticipated Swimsuit Issue. Okay, La La Vasquez didn’t make the cover (as if that would ever happen in our lifetimes). But she is featured in the “Player’s Wives” section as a “model.”

She’s pretty and her equipment is quite impressive, but we wouldn’t go so far as to put the former MTV jock in the model category. One question though: when did La La and Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony get married?

We here at strive to be accurate and credible. While checking our notes, we cannot find an invitation to their nuptials which had to be the wedding of the year. I’m confidant that one of my loyal readers will come up with a date and maybe a few pics from their wedding.

In the meantime, check out La La and the other player’s wives in Sports Illustrated.