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It was a love fest all around as the legendary Dru Hill gathered together to make a live reunion announcement on the 92Q Marc Clarke and The Big Phat Morning Show. But things took a wrong turn when Woody decided to stick to his Gospel career.

Sisqo said, "Oh, HELL NAW, man. You could have told us this yesterday!"

Before you could say Thong song, the group which once made the ladies swoon, were at each other's throats!

Thanks to loyal reader Kels for the link!

  • Bsoul

    Dang...Sanra, you're all up on in in the music industry today. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you had inside connections at ALL the labels.

  • CreditDiva

    Tell me why did Sisqo pull a Bow Wow move?? This was too funny! Thanks Sandra for the evening laugh!

  • AlwaysSweet

    That was funny as I don't know what. Was that Nokio tryin to choke Woody when somebody hollered "Commercial!!"

  • ms.peaches

    Well I see Sisqo is up to being his usual self, This whole thing looks a hot mess first of all Im sure these guys talked b4 they got to the station, so why would he wait until they got there to spring that news on them like that!! & then they proceed to get into a fight (WTH) c'mon that was funny then he drives off & some dude screaming you ain't suppose to be driving!! comedy at it's finest!! & isn't sisqo doing the Gone Country reality show thing so he getting money regardless!! It may just be me but i don't think the game is missing them all that much!! I like Dru Hill they had some good slo jams but let's just let sleeping dogs lie!!!

  • Bsoul

    "Ay, Yo! Ay, Yo! You not even suppose to be drivin', not even suppose to be drivin'!"

    Lil' man was heated. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why do short men always get big trucks?

    OK, I'm leaving now, bye. LOL!

  • stylerazzi

    I smell a new reality show in the making.............. LMAO @ the person that said Sisqo pulled a Bow wow!!! Real talk he did. His whole reaction looked real staged anyway. And what radio station morning show is on the FIRST FLOOR, right next to the parking lot door? Every station I have been to is high up and you have to get through all types of security and secretary's just to get to the actual studio. Let's see how this all plays out. I do miss Dru Hill though but they will never be the same as they used to.....

  • ms.peaches

    Another thing the dude in the pic that is standing behind Sisqo in the red, what was he on the group all of 5 min. cause I can only recall him in 1 apperance & maybe 1 video, does anyone remember his name?? Im still laughing at Sisqo for pulling off like his feelings were hurt!!!!

  • shhhh

    This is the gayest sh*t I've seen all year. It's stuff like this that makes me lose all respect for artist. Just be real man. Why are this dudes sitting there trying to play on people's intelligence like this. They expect us to believe that this guy waited ALL THE WAY until they got on the radio to make that announcement. He got all dressed and up early in the morning for that. Not only that, grown men don't attack each other like that.

    This whole thing was just gay.

  • gemini83

    I'me with creditdiva and alwaysweet. THIS WAS FUNNY AS HELL TO ME!!!

  • blkdiamonn

    @ stylerazzi
    I agree this is a reality show in the making!

    @ shhhhh
    Hell yeah...that was gay as hell!!

    LMAO..this was pure comedy...Sisqo is sooo dramatic!!

  • hellava10

    Somethings are just better left alone. New Edition couldn't pull it off, The Tempations tried, Boys 2 Men, Jolly Ranchers and soda. It was a good ride, the train has left the station.

  • Anti-believer

    It wasn't gay.

    What it was a religious person (Woody) with no balls to say this before they went on air. Suppose to be all Christian and shit... that nigga ain't shit. No respect.

    No one has time to waste when money is on the line. I don't blame Siquo for leaving 'cause time is money.

    But what is up with the "you ain't suppose to be driving"?

    What does he have a suspended licenses?

  • EmmCee

    That "Fist Fight" looks REAL suspect to me. Might be real, but those punches they were throwing looks kinda fake.
    SMH at Woody repping God's work and then try to choke up the other guy, if this is real.....which I doubt. I can't/won't hate though. Get that publicity up before the comeback.

  • Sharonda

    I love me some Dru Hill.Whatever they come out with I get it don't care!

    But those sucker punches?The hell?

  • eishaKC

    LOL. This was not even close to believable.

  • Island Princess

    He was yelling at Sisqo, "You are not suppose to even be driving!" What does he have a suspended license too? That was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Yall n*ggas gon make me unleash the dragon....

  • dj_dceezy


  • Abhor_

    Ya'll cant tell that this is scripted? Ya'll didnt see Woody's reaction and Nokio/ Woody's "fight"..shit was fake as hell...Its a joke!

  • JustSayin

    Funny as hell!!..Fake as hell..But funny nonetheless. I smell a reality show or some other BS...Either way..Do we really care?

  • MsAmour22

    That was definitely a Publicity Stunt. That sh*t was PHONEY AS HEll!

  • MsAmour22

    Sisqo phoney azz!

  • trynabeme

    This made my day! LOL

  • Bird

    That was hysterical! They are suppoesed to be performing here April 4th and I was planning on going. Not for them though. I want to see BBD. Anywho, Woody is the most expendable member of the group so who cares if he leaves anyway? Replace him or go on with three.





  • SylentDreamz

    Publicity Stunt??? How?? They don't have anything out!!

    LMAO@Sisqo I would have did the samething...make me wake up early as hell to come up there knowing damn well yo azz didn't want nothing to do with the group?? Replace his ass!!! I wondered what sparked the choking fight....where's the unedited version!!???!!

  • dj_dceezy

    that wasnt real not at all..

  • 2bme

    Sisqo drama lovin ass was the only one responding which made me think he already knew..Woody was too calm when he said far as the fight, HATED IT! That was all b.s and what happened to Scola?


    the guy who was in the group is scola, which they shouldve left him wherever he came from. he added nothing to the group.scola has a dirty look to him imo. and as far as woody, theres always a member in the group that can be replaced or shouldve been in the group in the 1st place and its woody. he never did nothing so they just shouldve let him leave and do the godpel thing.

    and just because we dnt see sisqo in the states performing dnt mean he dnt have money, he was on miss jones show and said he be over seas touring alot. in the contract with def jam, he couldnt release no music in the states for some years.

  • free

    they shouldn't play like that. i still listen to "beauty" on my ipod on the way to work.

  • sharnell

    BLACKBARBIE404, Good one okay now we know who Sandra's informant is. LOL!

  • ladilovely

    Can someone please meail the video to me at

  • mina

    That was kinda messed up that he did that on the radio. I guess he just used them to get on the air to promote his gospel album. The best part is the end when that guy says "you not supposed to be driving man" LOL. I wonder why?.... does he has a dui conviction or something?

  • 2thick4u

    This was funny!!!

    This was a waste of Baltimore time!!!

  • milly

    lol...but man I do miss the old Dru Hill

  • AreUForReal

    I don't think it was staged. I think the only one that knew was the big dude (can't remember his name right now) Sisqo looked instantly pissed, and Nokio's face changed too. Woody knows he was wrong for waiting until he got there to make his announcement. I wonder what this means for the tour dates that they have planned?

  • bloggergirlz

    i wanna see a pic of angie martinez and nokio's son...

    as far as the fight (or lach there of), it was hideous...reminds me of how guy men people fight...

    i was just bumping enter the dru on sat while cleaning up...i still luv that cd...

  • bloggergirlz

    so i have to write cleaning like this c l e a n i n g, WTF?!

  • Inspector Clueso

    Looks like the cops will be arresting him for that video soon....aren't video's grand?? There's a reason a judge suspends a driver's license and I don't have any love for violators especially since I just lost a very dear friend to a irresponsible & reckless driver! She was a well loved model and she appeared in almost 50 music videos around the world. And Sandra she was from London (your country) and a frequent visitor to Atlanta. RIP Kaya Bousquet...Queen of the Clubz.

    Check out her website at:

  • ATLien mean somebody actually sent this to the cops?!?

  • beaute101

    I live in Baltimore and yes the radio station is located on the first floor of a building. So that part was not staged that's really the building and it's surroundings. I'm assuming the Gone Country thing didnt work out for Sisqo. LOL!!!! Why did the fight look so strange between Nokio and Woody. LMAO!!!

  • ms.peaches

    Oh yeah I forgot Nokio had a baby with Angie Martinez, that baby should at least be around 4 or 5 by now!! Well I would say they could always tryout for the cast of the Wire but thats over!! If Sisqo is doing the over seas thing then he should be fine, the big dude I forgot his name but he has a decent voice he can do the solo thing & Nokio well hell Angie can take care of him, Woody has already stepped out on his own & as far as the new guy well theres always work at the Post Office!!!(lmao)

  • Songbird27

    If Woody feels like he's been called by God, that's fine but why coudn't he find a better time to tell them that than?? LOL that looks nuts.

    Man! I was a big Dru Hill fan too waitin' on their reunion... so much for smh

  • kat


  • eishaKC

    Oh my gosh. I can't believe people think that video is real. That was so staged. OK people THINK. If they were getting back together they would be working with a label which means they signed all kinds of contracts. Woody wouldn't be able to just up and say he wasn't doing it. Also, notice how the DJ kept focusing on Woody; since when is he the spokesman for the group ? AND how convenient was it that he was right next to Sisqo ? As far as facial expressions it's called acting ( bad acting but acting nonetheless). Don't you think they rehearsed this beforehand ?
    Give me a break. :)
    OH and as far as Sisqo driving we never saw him leave the parking lot so if there is a legal reason for him not driving I'm pretty sure if there is no proof that he was actually on the streets then he'll be fine. AND I'm sure they will just inform the authorities that this was a publicity thing .