Unbelievable testimony from a court-appointed psychologist who states rampage killer and rapist Brian Nichols killed a court reporter because she baked cookies and brownies for his jury during his rape trial.

Nichols was convicted of four murders and other charges during a rampage that began on March 11, 2005 when the madman overpowered a lone female guard in a block of cells at the Fulton county courthouse during his rape trial. Nichols was charged with raping an ex-girlfriend and holding her hostage for days in her apartment in August of 2004.

T.I. helped to feed the hungry at the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry and Homeless event in Atlanta yesterday. Joining T.I. to help serve was Real Housewives' Lisa Wu Hartwell, her husband Ed Hartwell and Lisa's sons with Keith Sweat, Justin and Jordan.  Photos by Freddy O (3)

Barack Obama (C) and his wife Michelle (2nd L) and their daughters Malia (3rd L) and Sasha (3rd L), surprised south side residents with a surprise visit to St. Columbanus Parish and School in Chicago, Illinois, November 26, 2008.

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Singer says she's a "warrior" in her battle against hepatitis C.

Eight-time Grammy winner Natalie Cole, 58, hasn't thrown in the towel on her career. In fact, she's giving life everything she has. The acclaimed singer "gets real" with Jet magazine and opens up about being diagnosed with hepatitis C as well as how she's coping with kidney failure. "I hope nobody I know gets it. I hope they find a cure," she said.

Despite her illness, Cole says she still wants to look her best at all times. "Honey, I can't be looking sick and be looking bad. Some things are not acceptable. You got to roll with it," she said, while laughing. (p. 44)

The Dec. 8, 2008 issue of JET MAGAZINE is on sale Monday, DEC. 1, 2008

Source: Chelsea Stalling | EBONY magazine

Enjoy these photos of producer Polow Da Don and his Zone 4 family: Keri Hilson and Rich Boy, who donated their time, money and free turkeys to needy families yesterday in the Swats.

Children were treated to pony rides, a carnival and games.

I know most of my readers have already headed home to start their Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So to the rest of you, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

If you're driving or flying, please be safe. Remember to eat healthy, drink wisely and we'll see you back here on Monday! :)

Photos by Freddy O

[EDITED: Nov. 26, 2008 3:42 PM to correct spelling of Shawnna's name (again)]

This video might not be work safe.

We interrupt our pre-Thanksgiving Day posts to bring you this important post for the fellas:

Remember when Ludacris dumped all of his artists awhile back? Well, he kept Shawnna, the First Lady of DTP -- and we can see why.

Shawnna and her ample assets upstaged and rang rings around her boss Luda during his gig at the Highline Ballroom in NYC last night. Brown Sugar got it going on! Check out the seductive action at the 5:31 mark.

Peep more clips from Luda's show featuring T-Pain at the Highline Ballroom courtesy of loyal reader Jeorgina! I agree with Jeorgina, T-Pain should never try to sing without his vocoder.

Click here if unable to view video

Dimewars.com got footage of rapper T.I. motivating the youth at the Camp Creek YMCA yesterday -- the day after the chaos at the Dirty Awards.

T.I. also handed out free turkeys yesterday. Tomorrow T.I. will help serve food at the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry and Homeless annual Thanksgiving Day event. Also tomorrow, T.I. will join the Hawks (or the Braves, I forget) for their Thanksgiving event.

Thanks to Iziah for the tip!

Gabrielle Union sat down with the Boots Girls recently while in Chicago for a charity event.

The girls asked Gabby about her BFF Beyonce and here is what Gabby said:

Beyonce and I have been friends since we were teenagers. We go to the same hairstylist now and you know how those bonds are! B is such a polite, nurturing person and a joy to work with. It’s easy to work with her because she is a good friend of mine.

But how can that be? Isn't Gabrielle Union 36 years old? That would make her a full nine years older than Beyonce. So how could they be friends since they were teenagers -- unless one of them is lying about her age?

Gabby just added fuel to the rumors that Beyonce is lying about her age. I'm going to rely on my good source inside Bey's camp who tells me that Bey's real age is 35.

Kudos to loyal reader Linda London for the tip!

I love Qaadir, aka Timaya. She keeps it so real.

We all know the show was scripted -- especially NeNe's parts. But Sheree was Sheree. There was nothing scripted about her scenes. She really is a mess! You saw how she turned on NeNe during the show? Well, how about they are now best friends because Sheree turned on Kim after the cameras stopped rolling! Sheree put on for the cameras and Kim's dumb azz fell for it!

As you know the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show airs tonight on Bravo. Those who worked on the show have already seen it. The rest of us addicts are preparing for tonight like it's the Superbowl! All I want to see is Lisa Wu throw down on Kim because I heard Miss Lisa Wu is a psycho mess! But I still won't believe it until I see it for myself.