At this moment the White House is holding a live press conference to explain the remarks that Vice President Joe Biden made this morning on the Today Show. He basically advised that Americans would be wise to avoid being enclosed in a pressurized cabin like an airplane with infected people coughing and sneezing around you.

That makes sense.

As you can imagine, the airlines and the travel association folks are baring their fangs at Biden and demanding some kind of retraction. They don't want you to stop flying because obviously their major concern is stockpiling as much cash as they can until their passengers literally start dropping like flies on their planes.

Ezra Klein of The American Prospect writes:

But here's the thing: Biden may be right to induce a bit of panic. The United States Travel Association won't think so. It's their profit stream on the line, after all. But epidemiologists are probably quietly relieved by the Vice President's comments. ... The absolute best case is that Joe Biden did something that's so effective that he looks really stupid. READ MORE...

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Ladies, I Luv u, but please don't start sending me videos of your kids. I'm just posting this video because my loyal reader's son is really good and deserves to be heard.

A loyal reader wrote:

Heyyy Sandra,
I absolutely love your site, I have to have it everyday like a cup of coffee, Lol. I don't know how I missed registration, but don't twist it.

Anyways, I think my 16 yr old Carnell is just as good as this Justin Kid, can you post and compare? Carnell's been performing around Atlanta for a long time, I guess it's just who you know.

Sandra Please, Please Open Registration...Please.
I'll keep enjoying the site anyways until you do:) And give "Obessed" a chance, it's really good. You're so funny.

I just wanted to add even though Carnell enjoys singing Chris Brown Songs, he treats girls very well. He has 3 sisters, and knows better!

Enjoy your day,

This email was sent to me by a very credible source who is very well connected within the industry. She has provided us with solid scoops in the past. Still, you have to take information like this with a grain of salt.

A loyal reader wrote:

Ok its confirmed ________ is part of the booty tooty club. So I'm having lunch with my "sister" Todd** today and I was trying to get his advice on this new guy I met on Wall Street, and he just keeps on texting being rude on his blackberry and I'm like 'give me this phone, boy its girl time nobody comes between our every Thursday lunch. This is our time to talk about any and everything.' And I look on his blackberry and gurrrrrl guess who he is having conversations with? Yep Ms. _________ herself and guess what? He was telling Todd about his "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" movie that is suppose to come out September 11th, 2009 that stars him, Taraji, Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Marvin Winans and fellow batty boy _____________. And telling him he will "let him know about the opening in Atlanta" if he is interested in attending. Guurl I had no words when he got up from the table to use the rest room I copied that shit and forwarded it to my phone. I found it very suspicious he invited Todd to the Atalanta opening and not the New York one when he knows Todd lives in New York.

And its obvious __________ has to know my friend Todd is gay cause when we are out he is very flamboyant. And then _________ is in a Tyler Perry movie? oh noooo? I'mma keep my eyes on this because my friend Todd's been acting very distant lately and he always gets like this when a new man comes around. And I know he doesn't want to tell me about this ________ situation because he tells me everything and probably doesn't want to OUT _________ to me because he knows I will tell all my girls to keep an eye out for __________ cause he likes boys and DL guys disgust me. But I will keep you posted!

**Name changed to protect the innocent

Yesterday I posted an email from GregW, a loyal reader, who some of you thought was a bitter LSLH chick. You can read GregW's email here. I received many responses to GregW's email as this must be a hot topic with some of you, or maybe he pushed the right buttons?

Anyway, there is no way I can post the responses because I just don't have the time. But as a gesture of thanks for your support I will allow those of you who took the time to email me those (long) thoughtful responses to register on my blog. That offer is only extended to those who emailed me yesterday.

We still don't know exactly what Barack Obama's Air Force One Boeing 747 jet was doing in the skies above manhattan on Monday -- but you can be sure the conspiracy theorists will soon enlighten us all with an illogical answer.

The first official response from the White House was that Obama's jet buzzed lower Manhattan - sending terrified residents running for their lives -- just so the air force could update Air Force One's file photo. Then they realized how asinine that sounded so they switched to official response #2 by declaring the matter classified.

I told you in an earlier post that Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteran suggested that the next time the air force decides to waste $300,000 in taxpayer's money updating Air Force One's file photos, they should use Photoshop instead.

Fox News Channel co-host Sean Hannity took the suggestion one step further by doing just that. I laughed my azz off when I saw these photos last night!

Courtesy of Fox News


"Obsessed" star Idris Elba was spotted outside London Studio in the UK yesterday. I'm going to see "Obsessed" this weekend -- only because he's in it. This will be the first Beyonce movie that I sit through and watch in its entirety. I hope I have the strength to endure it.

Photo by

Rapper Rick Ross, left, posed with Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment at the Velvet Room located in a suburb of Atlanta. Ross performed tracks off his #1 selling album, "Deeper Than Rap".

Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs, left, and First Lady Michelle Obama's favorite designer Tracy Reese attended the 2009 Parsons Fashion benefit at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC yesterday. Isn't she purrty? I mean Tracy, not Marc.

Fellow socialites and tv personalities Kelly Osbourne, left, and Kim Kardashian got their skate on at the Pepsi Throwback launch party at World on Wheels in L.A. yesterday.

They say Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian, left, is getting her own reality show, and she's already acting like a diva. I believe it. I wonder if her good friend Young Jeezy will make a cameo appearance?

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated

Singer Ashanti posed with director Benny Boom at the L.A. screening of "Next Day Air" yesterday.

Ashanti gets an 'F' for those torn Dirty Couture jeans. As the kids would say, "No ma'am!" It's funny because every time I strike up a conversation with someone about what's wrong with the music industry, Ashanti's name always comes up -- along with Beyonce's, of course.

Eva Pigford attended the "Next Day Air" L.A. premiere with her fiance Lance Gross wearing Dirty Couture jeans first popularized by Zoe Kravitz. Let's hope that Dirty Couture style isn't catching on with the sistas because everybody can't wear that look and make it work.

Speaking of dirty, did you know Lance Gross was a ghetto thug? He's on Twitter every day doing a lot of trash talking. At first I didn't believe it was really him because he comes off as a refined, respectable sort of guy. But, as you know, looks can be deceiving.

Embattled NBA star Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers and his wife Candace Fisher also attended the "Next Day Air" premiere. As you know, Derek is having some personal problems with a stray side piece who won't stay in her lane. He was forced to take out a restraining order on her rather than let his wife handle the situation.

Actress (?) Vida Guerra attended the "Next Day Air" premiere. Chicks need to stop turning around just because the photographers ask them to. Use your better judgment ladies. If you know you're not working with anything back there, spare yourself the embarrassment and don't turn around.

Actor Wood Harris also attended the premiere with a LSLH guest (it figures). Some of you may recall him from "The Wire". I can't believe chicks find him sexy, but whatever.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

I can't decide if this is an insult to all black women, or encouragement to sistas who have options available to us.

Loyal reader GregW wrote:

Sandra why do some darker skin black women always hate on LSLH? And why do women who are 20 50 100lbs+ overweight always hate on women who are not overweight. If that's most black men's preference then get over it. Don't waste time on someone who does not want you. Focus on the men that are into you. Maybe if they got an education, were more positve, supportive, dated men who are in to them and not who they are into, lost some weight and took better care of their hair (see Michelle Obama) they might get a husband (or in your case a wife).

Advice to all black women. Stop hating on your sisters and tighten your game up. Not many men of ANY RACE wants an angry bitter overweight nappy headed woman. Ladies, step your game up and be more realistic about your expectations and you will find your prince. Otherwise you'll end up alone or like Erica Badu (multiple baby dadies). Its not rocket science.

On Monday Barack Obama made another in a series of embarrassing goofs by suggesting that the swine flu pandemic was "not a cause for concern." Just two days later, Obama has reversed his stance, saying the outbreak of swine flu had created a "serious situation" in the United States requiring the "utmost precautions," such as closing down schools where cases of swine flu are reported.

The cases of swine flu has risen in the U.S. to 91, including one death -- an infant who died in a Houston hospital.

Be aware that there are no vaccines for this particular strain of swine flu. Also, antiviral medications do not kill the virus that causes swine flu. They only interfere with the ability of the virus to bind to certain cells in the body. Antivirals are only effective against specific virus, and only if administered in the early stages of infection (up to 48 hours). There is no known cure for a virus.

What can you do to protect yourself? Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (as warm as you can stand it) or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Remember when using public restrooms to use a paper towel when turning off the faucet and when opening restroom doors.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth especially when out in public.

It's important to note that the majority of people infected with swine flu do make a full recovery, so don't panic. Remember, it isn't the virus that kills, it's the body's inflammatory response to the virus.

If you have flu-like symptoms (cough, sneezing, runny nose), don't go to work or school. If you have accompanying joint pain, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, go to the emergency room or notify your doctor immediately.

Information about swine flu on the web:

Medline Plus