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When Barack Hussein Obama -- a supposed Christian -- bowed down before a Saudi King, he sent a clear message to the nation as to where his allegiance lies.

His action also gives credence to the rumors that Obama will bring Sharia law to America.

Harold Koh, Obama's nominee for State Department legal adviser (and possible future Supreme Court pick) believes U.S. law should be based on foreign precedent, and he is a supporter of Sharia law.

Sharia law is an Islamic law that embodies the legal control of public and private lives based on Islamic principles of jurisprudence. Under Sharia law, punishment for minor offenses such as stealing or creeping with another woman's husband, includes flogging, amputation, stoning, and exile.

In this disturbing video, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl is publicly flogged by the Taliban for committing the offense of adultery. She was turned in to the Taliban by her neighbor.

The video is very difficult to watch -- I could only make it to the 22 second mark. I'm posting this video because Sharia law is a very real probability now that Obama is in office.


  • kalvonel

    oaky. now I feel a little insulted. This IS America Sandra. Trust. we love Obama, but his arse would impeached long before that crap becomes law over here! besides do you REALLY, TRUELY, HONESTLY think the women of this country would allow this happen?

  • anti-PC

    Obama could never get away with that.

    I have read up on this legal advisor and I am disturbed by what I have read about him, but I doubt Obama will try institute shari law here in the U.S.

    He would get impeached so quickly....

  • Seattle Slim

    I just had to check the source and when I saw it was Michelle Malkin, the human equivalent of a rabid chihuahua, I relaxed.

    These are conspiracy theories.

    But I will tell you something, there has to be an overhaul in the legal system here because criminals who should never be put in jail are still there when they need rehabilitation and the ones that deserve to die or fester in a prison are out walking the streets.

    Sexual predator? Castration.

    Pedophile? Castration and lobotomized, locked up for life.

    Murderer? Firing squad.

    We would save the taxpayers money and we would have a safer society.

  • teecee

    and ?
    im sure if you took American history, most of the law here in the United States is based on Christan law. the puritan way of doing this is in American law and mind set.

    some of these kids need an ass whipping instead of sending them to jail. give them 5 mins with my grand mother 3 braided switches, one pant leather pocketbook and or leather book, they wont do it no more. shoot my aunt and her wooden clog or my paternal uncle after worker 12hrs and you not have completed your chores and im sure there would not be one million plus people in jail

  • wiggy2272003

    Oh, Bullshit Sandra

    in case its gets starred out

    Male cow Feces

  • Kymystry

    teecee ... my South Carolina Geechie .. North Carolina Raised Grandmom was from the same school as your peeps ... and I've never been to jail .. never disrespected my elders .. and STILl don't ...

    man ..

  • luvly1957

    Seattle Slim I agree with you, but people REALIZE this,

    Sandra is keeping these comments on and saying these things because she wants these kind of comments, remember she used to have them off but maybe she is losing readers on her website so now the comments are back on.

    Auntie love you but i love the POTUS so much more!!!! Keep reading and agreeing with the republicans and I'll keep coming to your website!!!!!


    I agree totally with Seattle Slim. These are conspiracy theories. I so down with an eye for an eye. Maybe then we wouldn't have to keep building so many county jails. Georgia is forever building new facilities to hold criminals due to overflow. Hell, the ones that need to be in jail they let out on the street. OOHHHH but have a damn dog fight and all 50 states want to strip you of your whole life. The US has it's priorities in the wrong place. We have so many troubles that are unattended or ignored.

  • Seattle Slim



  • Kymystry