When Barack Hussein Obama — a supposed Christian — bowed down before a Saudi King, he sent a clear message to the nation as to where his allegiance lies.

His action also gives credence to the rumors that Obama will bring Sharia law to America.

Harold Koh, Obama’s nominee for State Department legal adviser (and possible future Supreme Court pick) believes U.S. law should be based on foreign precedent, and he is a supporter of Sharia law.

Sharia law is an Islamic law that embodies the legal control of public and private lives based on Islamic principles of jurisprudence. Under Sharia law, punishment for minor offenses such as stealing or creeping with another woman’s husband, includes flogging, amputation, stoning, and exile.

In this disturbing video, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl is publicly flogged by the Taliban for committing the offense of adultery. She was turned in to the Taliban by her neighbor.

The video is very difficult to watch — I could only make it to the 22 second mark. I’m posting this video because Sharia law is a very real probability now that Obama is in office.