Some of you may remember this kid all up on Usher at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last month. Well, it turns out the kid is Usher's protege, 15-year-old Justin Bieber, a young singer that Def Jam probably foisted on Ush and begged him to help them promote. Anyway, Usher introduced Justin to L.A. tastemakers yesterday.

Bieber, who is currently recording his album in Atlanta with producer Tricky Stewart and songwriter The Dream, already has a song at radio titled "One Time." A video for the song was shot yesterday in L.A.

Below is a video of Justin singing Usher's "You Got It Bad" at a earlier audition for Def Jam. Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid later offered him a recording contract based on the audition. I'm not at all impressed by the kid's shaky pipes, but who am I to judge? The music industry is full of singers who got recording contracts based on who they know rather any real talent they might possess.


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  • mizzdallas

    He can just use the auto-tune everybody else is doing it

  • Shauny

    He should've gotten up with Jessie McCarthy when he was little JR on All My Children trying to get a record deal. This one...hmmm I don't know about him.

  • keely107

    Some body layered and wrapped the hail outta Justin's hair!!! LMFAO!

  • Daisy


    Didn't watch the video but to this day you got it bad is one of my FAV Usher songs. I love that song for some reason and aint had it bad for no damn Still w8n on


    slow news day?

  • lovejoy1

    He'll do well considering his age and color and all these young teens

  • iscream

    Do those Partridge kids age? Oh wait you said Protege.

    @ Daisy did you get to see The Game? Oh & who won G's to Gents. I saw up until the next to last episode with the baby momma.

    @ Mizz I like that pic of Wendy. Did they even do a best of show yesterday? Wendy better get a tighter leash on Hood Hef b4 her career is destroyed. Don't she know Tarsha Jones is looking 4 a job. Hef braging that Charm replaced Jones. He better hope Jonesy don't replace Wendy.

  • Daisy

    @Ice Yes I did see the game and it was slow. I am so over Tasha being loud and g fab. I missed Gs to Gents finale. I had class and my gfriend refuses to tell me who won. I keep forgetting to look it up on line.

  • kcicero

    Puerto Rican? dude one, the short guy and then proposed to his baby momma on the after show/ reunion...don't ask me why I know this because I didn't watch the thing all season but happened to browse past it...

  • Daisy

    Thanks KC that would be Mito. I didn't watch as much this season as I did last yr. I kept up enough though.

  • iscream

    Really? Thanks KC. I guess he deserved to win. I'm going to try & catch the reunion online. I want to know if the guy with that nasty hair- do kept up his sobority. & hopefully cut the hair.

    @ Daisy told you about Tarsha & yes the show was slow. Like how this site is today.

    Its a heat wave here in NY & the AC @ the job hasn't kicked in. smh

  • kcicero

    Your welcome, it's hot as hell in Elkins Park (Philly).

  • Kat

    it's hot in richmond too. it's slow because all sandra is posting is obama posts that half of the folks skip over. where is the gossip??

  • iscream


  • Anna

    keely107 Says:

    Some body layered and wrapped the hail outta Justin’s hair!!! LMFAO.
    I am still trying to figure out why the white boys want the "Jodi Foster" hair.