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While construction workers removed the boards that had covered the exterior of the new and improved Vision nightclub yesterday, about two dozen disgruntled neighborhood residents voiced their opposition to the club at a neighborhood planning meeting.

At the meeting, the club owners and attorneys outlined their plans for the new Vision nightclub and Lounge, which is about 95% completed. The residents, all white, were opposed to the new club that draws a mostly hip, urban crowd.

Much time and money has gone into making the new Vision the jewel of the South in terms of nightlife. The interior of the old Cotton Club and several storefronts were gutted a year and a half ago to make way for the new club. Those who have seen the inside (including myself) agree that it was worth the wait!

So if all goes well, the new Vision Nightclub and Lounge will open as planned on Labor Day at its new location at the corner of Peachtree and 11th streets.

Attorney DeWayne Martin, who represents the club's owners, said the new club will abide by all noise ordinances. “We will do everything we can to be a good neighbor,” he said.

Martin called the opposition to the club "curious," while noting that there are other clubs -- such as Opera -- which operates in the same area, and no one seems to have a problem with the unruly crowds that those clubs draw.


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  • eastpointvet

    cant wait visions was my favorite club by far its where i met sandra for the first time which she doesnt remember lol

  • Charles


    You wouldnnt catch me in the slums hanging out with atls foreclosed and 400 credit scores..... messyyy I remember when atlanta used to be beautiful white and safe! Those days are longgg gone

  • Anna

    Charles Says:

    I remember when atlanta used to be beautiful white and safe! Those days are longgg gone.
    Damn Charles how old are you? Atlanta has been Black Hollywood for a minute now.


    LOLz @ Charles. Not beautiful,white, and safe....LMAO!!!!!

  • Daisy

    I use to love me some Visions back in the day but now if/when they re open I feel I would be to old for the I need the A to have some 30 and older

  • Daisy

    @VA are you new?

  • thundercat

    I need some of that AG money!

  • Imalover

    This is good news. @ Daisy haven't you heard, 30's is the new 20's gurl... I'm sure if you decide to go you'll be surrounded by more of your peers than you think. One visit to Grown Folks on Old National will help you to appreciate how young you really

  • masonmom

    im 28 and i just dont have the patience for the club anymore. i was never a club person anywayz. overcrowded, hot n sweaty black folks, grabbin n then you come out hair smellin like smoke..yuck! this younger generation is rowdy too. i'll pass! i hate it when folks come to dc for howard homecoming!

  • Anna

    masonmom Says:

    hair smellin like smoke..
    Smokers can't smoke in resturants, clubs, bars, bowling Alleys, buildings. You can smoke outside but not outside a hospital. California is trying to pass a law that you can't smoke with a kid under a certain age in your car.

  • Daisy

    @mason I am coming to DC tomorrow didnt know thats where you were. Also, Visions was big enough u didnt have to worry about anything u complained about. I am not a club person either but every now and then I do like to get my party on! Still do when its somebodys b day!

  • masonmom

    oh wow ur visiting dc "urrea". make sure you check out the new harbor, its like the new hot spot. right across the bridge from va. like i said im not a club person but i hear alot about Ibiza. and make sure before you leave u check out the carryouts for some chicken n mumbo sauce!! u got to go to the grimiest, dirtiest ones in the district for the good ones! oh yea...stay away from forestville! lovelyladi, where u at?

  • pointhimout

    DEAD @ Charles.

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