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According to a production source for Bravo network's popular Real Housewives of Atlanta series, both NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield will soon be looking for new digs. That is because Bravo is footing the bill to lease both of the luxury homes that you see the ladies and their families enjoying on the show.

I'm told that AJC newspaper has done some research and will soon reveal the details of the lease agreements in an upcoming story in the paper. But remember where you read it first!

Industry insiders have been whispering about the temporary lease agreements all season. "Everyone wants to know if they're going to stay in the homes or be forced to move," said one industry insider.

It's no secret that the girls blew through their Bravo checks and are now complaining publicly that they have no money now that the show is going into syndication.

"NeNe is doing whatever she can to make ends meet," said the insider. "Her book isn't selling and her husband is out of work, so she's hurting right now." The insider said west coast promoters fly NeNe to LA to host events and put her up in fancy hotels. But she returns home broke.

If you recall, NeNe and her husband Greg Leakes were served with an eviction notice on their Duluth, GA house last September. They vacated the property in November of 2008.

Then before shooting was to begin on the second season, sources say Bravo took out a lease on a mansion for the Leakes who had moved into a small rental property.

Sources also say Bravo was forced to upgrade the living quarters for Sheree Whitfield and her two kids who were kicked out of the Sandy Springs mansion she once shared with her ex-husband, former NFL great, Bob Whitfield. The $2.4 million mansion sold for $1.1 million in foreclosure earlier this year, according to the

Whitfield wasn't specific about her new place in a phone interview with the AJC's Rodney Ho back in June. She said only that she had "downsized."



  • LadyJustice =)

    what does Nene's husband do again? :shrug:

    i listened to an interview or something with Nene and Lindsey Lohan's dad this morning. they were going at each others throats. it was pretty funny

  • Charles

    Im surre next episode they both will be in some fabulous ass homes so who cares, evicted one season back in a mansion the next =)

    And a lot of people do this in atlanta where they spend beyond their means so this is nothing new, andra if I was u id look for one of these mcmansions that are foreclosed on and cop you one

  • iscream

    :rofl: okay this isn't funny because they have kids.. (Who you never see on the show)

    They're always shyting on Kim but she has yet to loose her home. Thousand dollar wigs and all.

    Lisa was smart she downsized knowing there is life after the show... stops paying.

    SMH at this foolishness being called HOUSEWIVES...

  • 2bme

    this would be funny if it wasn't so expected and typical coming from them...truly sad(pathetic)...doesn't NeNe say in the ATL intro that she doesn't keep up with Jones' she IS the Jones'? maybe she should try the Smiths..Jacksons..Browns....btw who is financing Sheree's clothing line..BRAVO?

  • LadyJustice =)

    NeNe's real name is Linnethia. i can see why she would use Nene

  • Anna

    2bme Says:

    …doesn’t NeNe say in the ATL intro that she doesn’t keep up with Jones’ she IS the Jones’? maybe she should try the Smiths..Jacksons..Browns….

  • free

    i'm w/ you charles. this series is too popular; bravo will continue the leases and take it out of their paychecks until the show drops in popularity.

  • dblaq

    AGAIN?????? DAmn you would think these heifers would have learned the first go around! they need to be homeless. In my Fred Sanford voice Big Dummies

  • pinky2083

    Oh well... stop pretending to be something that you're not.

    I have a friend who lives in Atlanta, she said she was shopping at Forever 21 in the mall and Nene's son was working there in the dressing room..

  • pinky2083

    Not a very masculine job.

  • attorneymom

    How you gonna be a baller without a ball? How you gonna live the glamorous life without real glam?


  • ELove

    When Kandi finally answered @point's comment #222 ...
    SHE stated that she don't have access to their banking statements and that was DING, DING, DING to me that SOME were really living kinda Foul meaning not exactly on the Up-n-Up

    In other words -- Some of these HEFFAS ARE FRONTING Big-Time

  • 2thick4u

    Damn...more drama on and off the show :lol:

  • missy

    Well lets pass the collection plate around if they need the money.(but i doubt it because they get paid a lot of money to do reality shows.)and they should down size.

  • Shauny

    pinky - at least he has one. Can't knock his hustle.

    I blame this one trying to be something you're not. If they would've started off in modest 250k-350k homes that they probably could've afforded and didn't try to be the RHOOC then they wouldn't have to continue to front.

    Kim has a modest little townhouse. She wasn't trying to live in this huge pad so she probably can keep up with her bills. Quit trying to be something you're not.

  • Daisy

    Kims townhouse isn't cheap but she had big poppa to pay her bills

    Team NeNe :cheer1:

    She didn't own the last house so the owners were evicted and they moved out as they were renting
    Can't wait til the show tonight :popcorn:

  • Anna

    missy Says:

    Well lets pass the collection plate around if they need the money.(but i doubt it because they get paid a lot of money to do reality shows.)and they should down size.
    I read that they got $80k for last season and double this season. Jon & Kate got $50k/episode.


    Well if Nene is the damn Jones' like she says she is, I don't want to be them. That's why she hates on Kim so much. Sheree needs to bring it down a notch because 1.1 mil isn't all that much money.

  • melinla

    I hate moving so I try not to ;) Mornin ya'll

  • free

    when the AJC profiled her townhouse, kim said she lived in an estate in sugarloaf (or somewhere) but she was basically not wanting to be secluded in a big house where she didn't really see anybody so, she downsized. poppa takes care of her *ss.

  • dblaq

    #19 1.1 Mill minus Obama's cut leaves about $700 - $800K that is not a lot of money at all!

  • dblaq

    @Free, Kim must have some bomb ass sex game for Big Poppa to go through all that crap. Ain't no way in hell I would let them put me on front street on that show

  • melinla

    dblaq - I'll take it... it's only not a lot of money if you live like it's 800 mill instead of 800 thou....

  • iscream

    Kim had big Poppa and NeNe has Greg :shrug:

  • free

    at least sheree can live off her husband's checks but nene is the one most in jeopardy. $50-80K is only a year's worth of salary so, if she and her husband aren't doing anything else, i can see where it's gonna be a problem.

  • KaraZ

    Evictions happen to all sorts of people, I'm sure these adults will take care of themselves.

  • Shauny

    I looked on this site that had reality TV stars salaries and it showed that ALL the RH got $30k an episode. Now I don't know if that was for season 1 and they got more this year but that's what it was listed at.

    I was SHOCKED to see that those bishes on the hills get $100k and episode. Even that ugly ass Spencer gets 465k and Brody gets $45k. I'm like DAYUM for that boring ass show.

    I read that Jon and Kate got $125k. Don't know if that's together or a piece.

    DTWS celebs get $125k just for being on THEN $50-$75k for each week they stay on. NeNe and Sheree better try to get on there.

  • free

    dblaq, i think big poppa LOVES this girl. as women, we want to believe that side pieces are not relevant but this man has BEEN ON THE SHOW. he rode up to kandi's house (they did not show him, though) and got her opinion on the ring!

    imo the ring is meaningless because he's still married but he is keeping kim happy and well-maintained. this is more than just a sexual relationship. maybe she just LISTENS to him or SUPPORTS him or something but it's not just sex.

  • free

    ok, if it's $50-80K per episode, that might be different. however, we all know it's not what you make, it's what you spend! there ain't THAT many episodes in a season.

  • melinla

    :offtopic: where is the post about the troll pleading guilty and expecting to get a year in jail??? Or did I miss it?

  • shannon04

    you're right evictions do happen to all sorts of people, but these people need to stop faking on tv like they are balling out of control. I think we can tell which people on RHOA have it and the ones that are faking it. There are several real situations on the show but I don't see anything real about people pretending like they have and know that they don't.

  • dcwife1622

    They need to cancel this show pronto... I mean seriously. I enjoyed the 1st season...I was shaky through season 2 because their lives are make believe. Only 2 of the women are married. They are not housewives,they bring home the bacon because the husbands are unemployed....... I thought housewife meant you stayed home and your husband worked. The show is garbage. Somebody need to start a petition to cancel this show....

    Ne-Ne was my favorite season 1 but she let Bravo use her as the sh1t starter..she needs to control that roaming eye!

  • Daisy

    Kim said in an interview her and big poppa are over she has a new boo in CA

    Isc funny but u know Gregg don't have big poppa money I never thought kim was innocent she is a shyt starter as well which is why Lisa doesn't deal with her azz.

  • shannon04

    @ dcwife1622....I always find myself looking at Nene's mouth when she talk and I'm looking at the space where she has teeth missing on the bottom(side)..Girl get your mouth fixed if you and Greg got bread like that.

  • Daisy

    @dc NeNes eyes are open about how Bravo but she will be back for season 3 I'm sure and I still like the show but I am ready for the OC ones

    I will say that Bravo played ATL to the lefy cause I know there are some black women with husbands that have REAL deal $$$$

  • dcwife1622

    @35 Exactly.....

    Don't act like you are all that and your grill and eyes are jacked up on top of that you are broke. She needs to bring it down a few notches.....

  • dcwife1622


    I hear stuff about all of the other Housewives but I think ATL got a bad deal with the press and everything...There are black women with money in the ATL...Let's see some real Atlanta Housewives..

  • Shauny

    Daisy - I have said from the beginning that Bravo got the women that they have on this show on purpose to do exactly what is happening.....which is make US out to be people living beyond our means, loud, catty, etc. I know that there are REAL housewives who have paper in Atlanta that they could've gotten on this show. They chose who they chose for a purpose.

    Why is it that ATL is the only show that has this issue? The lady on RHOOC that just got evicted is kinda simular to Sheree...she's going through a divorce and lost the house BUT the rest of the shows have woman with real jobs and money...they couldn't do that for ATL?

    Also, ALL of the RH shows have women who are not married. They just need to change the name of the show because ATL isn't the only city that the women aren't married.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Why didn't Bravo locate some REAL well-off black ladies to represent? I hear there are some really rich black folks in Atlanta. Why do we always have to be short-changed? Peace.

  • free

    i actually enjoy the fact that most of them are broke cuz now i can relate to them. i've watched each one of the different groups and this one is the most entertaining. even if they got some rich black ones, the drama would be the same.

    additionally, the other shows have the SAME personalities--loud, catty, gay, desperate, single, waiting on spousal check, kept, etc.

  • Shauny

    free - the drama yes. I don't have a problem with the drama. What I have a problem with is that OUR housewives are the only ones who are not as well off as they try to seem they are. The other housewives don't seem to have this problem. They can afford what they say they and OURS can't.

    Which other show has these many housing issues, accused of writing bad checks, borrowing clothes, shoes, purses to be shown as theirs on the show, etc? They don't show that on OC, NY, or NJ.

  • JessiBelle

    This is the exact reason as for why I love The Tiny and Toya Show. They are not about all the petty drama and trying to live beyond their means. NeNe and Sheree were trying to stunt on the show like they live such lavish lives. LMAO. NeNe couldn't even fake the funk good. "Her" house did not even have pictures on the walls. That is the first thing you do. You put up a picture of the kids or at least put a rug on the floor. NeNe was hating on Kim and Kandi because they have the means to support their life style. They[NeNe and Sheree] need to get their lives together!

  • JessiBelle

    @2Bme how about "Keeping up the the Hammers."

  • iscream

    The best REALity show on tv right now is the Eddie Griffin show. That's some real shyt right there.

    I couldn't believe his ex wife tried to say buy me a house and I'll move back :| uhm, how about you get a job and buy your own damn house. Walking up the stairs talking about "I wish you had all of this money when we were together." :eek:

    When his boxer friend got his ass kicked :rofl: classic. I love that show.

  • pointhimout

    Iscream, i watched some of the episodes for eddie griffin's show and it is quite entertaining in a good, positive way. His ex-wife Rochelle is fine as hell too. It was funny when he said "milk has an expiration date," referring to his offer to buy her a house so that she and his kids are close to him. I guess that was when things were great, money flowing in. Years later, he was like he gotta think about that one.

    topic: tisk tisk tisk. i freakin knew it. i can't keep living and putting up a front. that has to get exhausting. i also wouldn't want to live the fab life for a guest appearance only to return to a bleak(sp) reality. It's a sad existence for anybody, not just these ladies, if you're waking up to live a lie day in and day out.

  • glamdiva83

    Instead of them always picking on Kim maybe they should learn from her in my opinion.I don't condone in the messing w/married men thing but she don't work & have a Balck American Express,nice townhome,range rover & still shop in regualar shops(Justice) for her kids