TMZ reports that ‘Love Of Ray J’ contestant Monica Danger endangered herself and her newborn daughter earlier this month and had to be placed on a 48-hour 5150 psychiatric hold in a psych hospital for mental evaluation.

A 5150 hold means a judge signed an order admitting her into the psych hospital against her wishes because someone convinced the judge she was a danger to herself and others. Once the psych eval is completed, the patient goes back before the judge who decides whether she can be held for another extended period of time or released.

Has anyone else noticed how unstable most reality TV personalities are?

According to TMZ. Monica’s reps say she was suffering from postpartum depression when she cut off all her hair after fighting with her baby daddy.

Here’s what I think happened: Monica was already a head case before she auditioned for the ultra wack ‘Ray J’ show. The intense pressure from competing for the love of a moron like Ray J (who is already reportedly dating Whitney Houston) sent her over the edge.

Yes, postpartum depression probably complicated her situation as well. All of this means Monica Danger does not need to have any more children or appear on anymore reality Tv shows.