Some people want fame so badly they can taste it. Unfortunately, stardom is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when your privacy is invaded by fanatical Stans who believe they are in a relationship with you. They develop a psychotic fixation on you and can stalk you for years.

A small percentage of these cases end up in court where a judge grants a restraining order, which ticks off the stalker who winds up killing his/her victim. This happens rarely, but who wants to be in that small percentage?

Take former “Half & Half” star Rachel True, for instance. According to TMZ, True is currently the obsession of a nutcase who was arrested on Nov. 27 outside her home carrying a rather large sex toy. The woman, Elenora Redmon, said she wanted to “f**k [Rachel] with a cobra.”

True, who may or may not be a lesbian, promptly took out a temporary restraining order (TRO).

According to the TRO request, Elenora has been stalking Rachel for a year and a half, showing up at her house and sending her creepy emails like “Why did you shut your curtains?” — many of which were sexually explicit.

Elenora has been ordered to stay 150 yards away from Rachel at all times — which should be easy, because she’s currently behind bars on $150,000 bail for the sex toy arrest. The TRO hearing is scheduled for December 17th.