You have to be some kind of stupid to commit major crimes these days. Life behind bars is no picnic. Most inmates find themselves fighting for their lives or fighting to keep from being gang raped. Life in the Pen can be rougher than life on the streets. Rules change behind bars. Men who consider themselves hard on the outside, suddenly get in touch with their feminine side when their sexual urges are too strong.

After viewing this documentary on sexual assault behind bars, is it any wonder that rappers wear their pants on the ground? It's a habit they picked up in prison to make it easier to have sex behind bars. But your impressionable sisters and daughters find these rappers' homosexual tendencies sexy?

  • NOLA

    I got the white box, probably for the better anyway. Is it safe for work?

  • ReadTheBlog

    :whistle: Pants On The Ground Pants On The Ground Runnin Round Town with your Pants On The Ground Gold in yo mouth Pants On The Ground :whistle:

  • BlacJay

    "But your impressionable sisters and daughters find these rappers’ homosexual tendencies sexy?"

    Not I said the cat!!

  • attorneymom

    Now giddy up!

  • attorneymom

    Saggin spelled backwards is Niggas. Selah.

  • Al-Ameera

    Not I. Can't stand when I see guys with their pants like that, I want to tell them either pull your pants up or you a$$ down...I just hate it

  • Krysi J

    I hate watching stuff like this, it makes me sick to my fukking stomach....Im gonna wait a lil minute b4 I press play.... :hurl:

  • ReadTheBlog

    I have a classmate who straight up was booed up with a guy in the pen. He was a little slow to begin with, and did stupid stiff to get himself in there. I think they call it sexual survival when they turn to one another like that. In the case of sexual assault in the pen. Well, what can you say? You get a bunch of criminals in a room with one another, and they aren't getting any help, just being punished, what do you think they're going to do? An angry dog will bite if provoked.

  • attorneymom

    Saggin is a sign of mental illness.

  • ReadTheBlog

    :offtopic: u all see the Nicki Minaj and Mariah video? Cameo courtesy of B. Scott. Nicki's been working with a voice coach, cause she doesn't sound near as schizophrenic as she usually does. Poor Mariah is still holdin on to something she just doean't hae anymore, what is it called again? Oh, that's right - YOUTH!

  • H-Townmama

    Im dying at the yt guys' country accent. Cookies,oozs oozs and wham whams. :rofl:
    But on a serious tip...I cant stand when I see guys saggin. I always think of what that really means and its just nasty.

  • mirsmommy

    attorneymom Says:

    Saggin spelled backwards is Niggas. Selah.

    :lol: I got that as a text message last year. :lol:

  • attorneymom

    You would think that rape would serve as a deterrent for these men.

    As a solo practitioner, I could not continue practicing Criminal Law because I got tired of seeing black men caged like animals in the Passaic County (NJ) Jail. When I saw a former female classmate looked up at Passaic County, I cried for a month ever time I thought about her.

  • mirsmommy

    Didn't watch the video, but I can't stand seeing young men, and especially old men with their pants hangin off their a**es, and their a**es hangin out. :nono: It is a sign of true ignorance. And what kills me, is that some of them will have the nerve to wear a belt!!! :mad:

  • attorneymom

    My clients were mainly drug dealers.

  • msdanielle

    i won't be watching, but it makes me ill. i did watch the documentary that was on dateline or something last year and BOY was it disgusting to see these HUGE football player looking men talking to other men as if they were females. it was upsetting to say the least, but can't dwell on that. if you're doing a bid or if you have in the past i wouldn't be checking for you anyway...i'm good.

  • geezy

    I can remember when I was a correctional officer. These chicks used to kissing all on their husbands/boyfriends not knowing that before the visit they man was in the shower with another man kissing all up on him!

    Sad but at least 60% of men in prison are engaged in some kind of homosexual activity.

  • iscream

    Sandra Rose wrote

    "You have to be some kind of stupid to commit major crimes these days"

    Like getting cauught with an army load of fire arms & silencers.. :coffee:

  • OutsidetheBox

    POW! LOL ^

    Sandy, please keep the posts coming. :coffee:

  • Carmez79

    actually the sagging pants in prison is becaues they are not allowed to wear belts in prison. if you watch msnbc's lockup you will know that prisoners makes weapons out of everything and can use belts to hang themeselves. the sagging pants in prison is NOT homosexuality based.

    @ iscream- very good point. yet TI stay gloried i dont understand. his pants sag too

  • Tink Tink

    White guy was :gay: before he came in see how he curl them lips while he talk. SMH @this

  • pointhimout

    too long, but will watch later. i'm still tryna get over the doc where the prisoner with no teefes bragged on how he'll take that ass if he wants it. and there was another one who talked about he preferred getting his ass ate with jelly over syrup. god you can't make this up. youtube has it still i'm sure.

    eat my ass with jelly should do it. being a guy, sometimes too much really is too much even for me. til later fam...errands.

  • allwrightyden

    @ iscream - I see you! :wink:
    And how right you are!

  • Cariblife

    @ 22

    I saw that documentary. I was rollin when that dude with teeth missin said "I walk up to a dude and say can I have that ass or am I gonna have to take it..." I still SMH at that.

  • Nikki Babie

    OMG! yesterday I watched the whole thing on youtube, dont know how in the world I got thru it but it was TERRIBLE!!! these men really are serious! I will never date a man who did serious time in jail, thats for sure...thanx jonathan schwartz for the documentry!! ughhhhhhh

  • iscream


    I'm good. Thanks for asking.

    :cheer1: Happy Friday SR fam. Its cold in the NY. stay safe.

  • qtipthecat

    Iscream......You said it all right there.

  • gypsyeyes

    I will never date a dude that has done a bid. I've heard too many stories and I don't trust it. They will never admit it if they have anyway. Don't fool yourself if your man has been locked up for a long time because if he's used to getting it he's still getting it unless he is in the Christain clique in prison or the Musleim clique.

  • rjk8

    I asked a friend about that who had just got out of federal prison. He told me that you don't have to worry about getting rapped. Those nyggas are up in there phucking each other voluntarily. He said when a none homosexual comes around they treat him like a woman. Guys are trying to talk to him ect... They anit getting rapped they are phucking each other.

  • rjk8

    that's "known" homosexual

  • Milan Millian

    I don't think I want to watch this video....

  • onlinefan

    MSNBC has a lockup marathon almost every weekend. you wanna see some reality? watch them justify everything they do in the prison. it's like a big soap opera, they got their own fully functioning society up in there.

  • AprilRain

    @icecream- U have got to be kidding me with your comments....Hate is a horrible thing.

  • KaraZ

    @iscream, you've got to point me to where your secret comments are hidden, because AprilRain is referring to something I don't see, do I have to hold them to a lamp? Tell me.

    I just watched the whole thing. Well wow. I don't know anyone personally that has ever been arrested or gone to prison, this is really more information than I ever needed to know.

  • Negrito

    Sad but at least 60% of men in prison are engaged in some kind of homosexual activity.


    That's not true. Homosexual activity and rape in prison is actually not as common as portrayed in mass media books TV and so on.

    Unfortunataley documentaries like this are very misleading to the viewer in that it makes it seem that most inmates get involved sexually with other inmates. And that rape and becoming someones bitch is very common which is not the case.

    There are lot of myths about prison and a biased documentary like this only reinforce those myths.

  • intensemocha

    After viewing this documentary on sexual assault behind bars, is it any wonder that rappers wear their pants on the ground? It’s a habit they picked up in prison to make it easier to have sex behind bars



  • purplexxe7

    Hey Auntie Sandra & everyone. Listen I'm so glad U put this up so people particularly the women & young impressionable male teens who tend 2 glorify gangs could educate themselves on the "REAL DEAL" on what go on behind those walls. I'm forwarding this ***t 2 everybody I know. Thanks 4 uploading this once more. Hopefully people can take heed 2 what is being presented.

  • peanutbuttercup

    I just watched the whole documentary and now when I hear or see Lil Wayne call his mentor "Daddy", I think of this movie. Daddy is a term the dominate homosexual insist his b*tch call him. Isn't that what Lil Wayne calls him? No doubt about now.

  • starr2910

    man..Lil Gremlin is gonna be in HEAVEN when he has to serve his time! he might even refuse to leave when it's time for his release ahaha.

  • sis358

    soo true

  • Redeemed777

    And not one of these dudes called out on the name of Jesus to save them from this evil. SMH

  • bama_n_jersey

    Why did it have to be Alabama, and why do I know one of the correctional officers that was on there? SMH

  • BabyA

    most of these rappers have never been to jail so saying they picked it up there is kinda off they are just gay as hell because thats what they like to dont take that much to turn a "str8 man" out these days..