The Internets are all abuzz about woman beater Chris Brown’s newest side piece Rhea formerly of the group N.E.R.D. Brown and Rhea spent the holiday weekend together in Miami where they shared a luxury rented mansion.

We know Chris can’t be serious about this chick since he obviously hasn’t resolved his Oedipus issues involving his mother and because of that, he hates all women. Good luck to Rhea.

A loyal reader from Toronto claims to know intimate details about her. I’ll let him tell you after the break:

…She’s 32 years old from my hometown of Toronto. She’s been AROUND…ALOT even in the T- Dot. She had a rep in Boston, where she went to College (Berklee School of Music) as a down-low SLUT. She’s been with alot of athletes and music dudes. She’s been notoriously known for sleeping with other women’s men. She’s semi-talented but cute, smart and w/ a nice body. Average singer tho, NO SOUL! White girl sounding!

After she graduated, she was working with Ryan Leslie in Boston before he became big (Pre-Cassie). They both moved to New York and she dissed Ryan to work with New York producers. I remember when she was trying to be a Bad Boy artist in the early 2000’s. (2002-2006). She was in videos and stuff w/Diddy. I think the producer DDot was her manager or something like that back then. (who knows, doubt it! They probably both hit it too-Lol). Crazy part is that Ryan introduced her to them and then she dissed him for them.

Starting to get the pattern? Then after that didn’t work out for her, she was trying to be with G-Unit! LAWD!!! Think Sha-Money started managing/hitting it then too. Lol.. (Guess after BadBoy and 50 ran thru her they had no use for her anymore-LOL).

She’s been linked with 50 Cent, Jay Z, JadaKiss, Keith Sweat, (ill, ill, ill), Fabolous, Carlos Emmons (NFL), Snoop Dogg (ill, ill, ill), Antoine Walker (NBA), Q-Tip, Dj Clue, Ryan Leslie, and the list goes on…BUT NOTICE SHE AIN”T ON NO SONGS WITH ANY OF THEM EXCEPT JADAKISS and THAT”S A DJ CLUE SONG. ( and he’s on the list too-probably had to do something for her in exchange for the ASS Lol..). and aint she supposed to be a singer? Whoa!

She’s going for hers. She meets Pharrell, (who’s probably hittin’ it on the road when his wife ain’t around), thru Skype and he puts her in his cornball group N.E.R.D. WORD???. Didn’t he ask anybody about her? She even slept with her BFF’s basketball husband/boyfriend before their divorce/break up in his house..(ill,ill,ill). How do i know all this? One of her BFF’s spilled the beans! She was tired of being associated with Rhea and of course Rhea slept with her man too…FIGURES! (You know birds of a feather flock together).

FYI-Who am i and why am I writing this? I am just a guy that had to learn the hard way. She dissed me the same way and kinda ruined my Rep in T-Dot and the US. Thought she would be the one! -((awwww i know but true! Lol..))- And i’m writing this because she has done it to other people also including my friends. She has spread lies and rumors about so many people including her own friends. She even told a group of us that one of her best girl friends in Florida only showers twice a week. YUCK! who does that BUT even more YUCK is why tell people that about YOUR SO-CALLED FRIEND! She’s a Devil

in NO DRESS. Lol. BAD girl FRONTING like a good girl but ain’t doing it right or maybe she is LOL….SLUT! This will probably blow her up more but so what, @ least the truth is out and she can feel uncomfortable like everybody she has made uncomfortable FOR NO REASON. She should take her own advice. Here’s what she says on her twitter page about LYING. She said “Tell the truth people…even if it hurts. It makes life so much easier and people will respect that. Cowards run away.” Wow Rhea! For someone that has lied her way to where she’s @ you have alot of nerve. You had many chances to be truthful with yourself and friends but DIDN’T. Think about all the people that helped you in your LIFE and CAREER that you straight up lied to and deceived for NO REASON and now you preaching TRUTH? PLEASE BITCH!!! Look in the mirror SLUT! YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE. And oh, congrats! You made it I guess.