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LOOK at me, I'm an attention whore!

Troubled rapper Kanye West posted this blasphemy on his website yesterday. Is there anything that this attention whore, Amber Rose, won't do for some shine? Click here to see the original, classic shot of Grace Jones that this image mimics.

While in South Florida for the first leg of his BP3 concert tour, rapper Jay Z stopped by a studio to hobnob with the Neptunes, Chad Hugo, left, and Pharrell Williams.
Source: BBC

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade had to sit out last night's game against Minnesota due to a hamstring injury. Miami ended up losing 91-88. He looks so dapper in his 3-piece pinstripe suit. I remember when 3-piece suits were a fashion faux pas. But as they say, everything old is new again.
Source: The305

  • Choco

    I can not stand Amber and i hate looking at her -Pharell is a effn gerbil


    i like Pharrell with the facial hair, he doesn't look so pre pubescent

  • missy

    I was wrong Shawn doesn't look like a camel in this pic he looks like a rabbit.... (maybe he is what you get when a rabbit and camel mate)

    Pharell looks like can i be nice....(don't say nothing at all)

    I don't care for D.wade

    or ms.Amber Whrose

  • MrsHawthorne77

    :confused: I thought Chad and Pharell had broken up?

  • Shauny

    I've always heard the Chad was the real talent of the Neptunes production. I wonder if that's the truth.

    DWade looks nice. I love a well dressed man.

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    dewayne looking nice in that suit up there

  • mizzdallas

    pharrell looks like a child molestor! Im scarred of him!

  • Dee1127

    At least Pharell's stache has grown in.

  • bigtyme

    D.Wade is looking NICE! I saw JayZ in concert last night here in Dallas. Definately worth every dollar I spent. Even Trey Songz pleased me and I am no fan.

  • yesindeedio

    Amber Rose has issues. She should work on NOT swagger jackin' Grace Jones. She lacks the "grace" to pull off such work. I don't know who the director was on Amber's shoot, but they should consider getting a day job or not quitting the one that they have.

    Sean don't have to keep your shoes untied because no one is gonna jack you for some "bust down Tims". Pharell kinda favors Shyne a little. Other than that, I got nothing.

  • Jewelry

    Slander Rose looks pathetic. She tries way too hard to be relevant. Sad :cry:

  • missy

    *DEAD* @ Mizzdallas he does look like he might touch you in your "danger zone" if he gets you in a room by yourself....

    Shawn I think I will call bey and ask her how long it takes to take care of a camel... *serious question* :lol:

  • Krysi J

    hmmmmmmmmm *looking at Dwayne Wade sideways*

  • iscream

    Is that a fake Mustache & is he really rocking a 90's style doing the kid and play flat top?

    @ Sandra


    We are >>>>>here<<<<< I knew you would post a pic of Jigga baby for me. :kiss: sexy dexy.

    But uhm... why do the three of them look like they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Jay and Pharell have their legs crossed & the other guy has his arms tucked. :|

  • Ebony

    the ball headed beast strikes again :lol:

    Pharrel looks like a serial killer

  • OutsidetheBox

    Ok. Now, I was the last damn "fan" Amber had left now she 'bout to lose me. I only liked the bish for her clothes. She aint wearing no clothes! Believe your own hype much @Amber?

    My mama (yes, my mama) loves some Pharrel... :blink: Why he got them cargos rolled up. WTH.

  • bigtyme

    they got grace jones oiled up in that original pic. she looks like a barbie doll, likes she's plastic.

  • Choco

    I hate her

  • pointhimout

    pharell getting his grown man on finally. dwyane wade wearing the hell out that suit. nice.

  • CivilEngineer

    I like the Amber pic :)

    Is it just me that thinks everybody looks dirty in the camel pic :shrug:

  • MsG

    So tired of Amber. People being celebrities for nothing is getting old.
    Shauny, I heard the same thing about Chad being the real talent behind their duo.

  • Choco

    Nope they all look funky as hell

  • pointhimout

    so this pic of amber confirms she spends her time searching for pics from grace jone's era. give her time cuz pretty soon she will be referring to herself as Strange'.

  • RedBottoms

    Im gonna need for Amber to stop looking like she fell off of a dump truck. I mean, is that a nipple cut-out? What exactly is the point of this photo AMBER?!

    On a lighter note, Jay Z looks mighty doable (that's right, I said DOABLE)minus the busted azz Timbs. #dontjudgeme

  • chase

    My crush on Pharrell is ova now... Shave bruh..please

  • missy

    If Shawn is DOABLE then my ovaries are no longer on strike and would let wayne impregnate me.... (which will never happen by the way)

  • bigtyme

    missy...i think shawn is that 50 cent that you had as your ma'am...

  • RedBottoms

    @ Missy u can't deny the man got swag for days. Looks really aren't everything but I find him physically attractive these days.

  • dragonbabe

    DEAD @missy...I was wrong Shawn doesn’t look like a camel in this pic he looks like a rabbit…. (maybe he is what you get when a rabbit and camel mate)

  • Jewelry

    '....the ball headed beast strikes again..."


    I can't breeve...


  • Chupilives

    D Wade can so get it!!! :hump: Gabby watch it because I think I'll be coming to a town near you LOL LOL

  • leapyearpisces

    I like Grace's pic better. She is taller so the lines flow better.

    Gotta love it though. Only in America will a millionaire take a chick off a skrippa pole and "wife" her up and make her an "overnight celebrity" while the rest of stuggle to pay back college loans..oh well... :coffee:

  • tbrown


    Man, just leave the classics ALONE!

    This is a bad imitation. Not enough grease! :lolol:

  • electrik

    of course grace's photo is better

  • bigtyme

    leapyearpisces...I was just complaining to my mama about these damn student ain't fair sometimes!

  • STLVixen

    If Amber Rose comes out with an album, I am officially done. Order my casket! She stays copying folk. I heard imitation was a form of flattery but Ms. Rose needs to develop her own plan for stardom.

  • KaraZ

    Chocolate skin looks so much better in this pose. Amber Rose GO AWAY NOW!

  • leapyearpisces

    bigtyme Says:

    leapyearpisces…I was just complaining to my mama about these damn student loans…life ain’t fair sometimes!

    Who you telling????? Make me wanna :shotsfired1:

  • leapyearpisces

    STLVixen Says:

    If Amber Rose comes out with an album, I am officially done. Order my casket! She stays copying folk. I heard imitation was a form of flattery but Ms. Rose needs to develop her own plan for stardom.

    February 24th, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    What color do you want? I am gonna order pink for me LOL..because if that happens [she cuts an album] it's a wrap for me too.

  • qtipthecat

    I don't care what anybody thinks, that camel could so get it, if I were not trying to be celebate these days.

  • Vyolet20

    sorry amber, this is a definite FAIL.

  • Vyolet20

    CivilEngineer Says:

    I like the Amber pic :)

    Is it just me that thinks everybody looks dirty in the camel pic :shrug:

    I agree. This whole post needs a shower.

  • missy

    *walks in Kicks door in*

    50 has way more "SWAG" to me than shawn could ever had...You could say what you want about 50 but he is a smart business man(even though I hate when he beefs).....50 is a DOABLE all day long..and looks isn't everything I just don't want a camel near me ( :lol: )...He never did anything for me besides having big lips..other than that his personality does nothing for me......

    TEAM 50 all day

    I am not shallow..but ever since I saw a "Joey Camel" album cover I can't stop seeing camel....

  • FloridaChick813

    LOVE Pharrells Polo shoes..

    and yes, Mr Wade is lookin VERY daper :D

  • Bird

    How interesting that Amber would take that shot. Since she is coming to Charlotte for CIAA whenever I tell people about her who have never heard of her I say she's not really famous for anything. Kanye put her in the spotlight, but it is her Grace Jones swag that has everyone intrigued. She is a star in her own right at this point and I think she can continue without Kanye even though she does nothing, but look cool as hell. Grace was a model who couldn't sing or act yet she had successful music and acting careers. Swag counts for something.

  • mirsmommy

    Where is Lexus with that bleached camel, aka Jay-Z as her gravi???? :lol:

    Shout out to Lexus.

    Why is Pharell lookin like a Backyardigan, or Diego with a mustache???

    D. Wade looks good in his suit, with that pushed back hairline.

  • Daisy

    Kanye is far from troubled

    Still team KANYE :cheer:

  • Mother Jefferson

    I always thought Chad had some sexy lips. You know what, that Asian boy could it! :hump:

  • commonswifey

    Not feeling skateboard P's mustache, it makes him look old and dirty

  • Al-Ameera

    Man, D. Wade is wearing that suit!

    Almost didn't recognize Pharrell, thought he was a little asian man.

  • ohpretty1

    Chad and Pharell look like fraternal twins in that pic.
    Amber does her thing but I don't think she would look good with any other hairstyle.
    D Wade - good job.

  • scandalous1

    say what you want Sandra, but you can't deny that Amber's body is off the chain in that pic. Although she doesn't compare to Grace Jones' photo its still a nice pic.
    I will keep my other opinions to myself regarding the men.... LMAO


    Amber is a bad byotch....D.Wade is looking kind of delicious!

  • QuettaV

    I am going to need for Amber to go and sat it down somewhere....!!!! She is only being used by Kayne and when his name is not being ushered around she will be left on the curve kicking rocks!!!

  • speakinmymind

    i like Amber's pic. no denying she's gorgeous and photogenic. if i had an opportunity like she does as Kanye's girlfriend - to travel the world and experience the best of the best, i would too; in a heartbeat. add to that photogs all over the world want to photograph her...cuz i certainly don't see or haven't heard of her begging photogs to take her pic.

  • msblackitalian

    I guess I'm the only one that likes Ms. Amber Rose's style and who doesn't have their own original style anymore.........why all the hate for someone you don't personal know....smh!

  • Quitta

    The whore's body looks hot in this pic. No homo.

    No comment on the 2nd pic.

    Wade looks good from the neck down. That's all.

  • Lovely One

    I dont see anything classic or artsy about neither photos, but if I have to choose, I prefer Amber's version of the "naked singer" photo. Amber just has a better body to pull it off. :shrugs:

    DWade look nice. Suits always upgrade the sex appeal of a man, IMO

  • atltx

    naw man...amber is way out of line...she didn't even put effort into the pose...look at how grace immersed herself within that shot. body wise...i was cool till i saw all the pastiness...whooties don't do it for me.

  • Taboo01

    I LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE my mind we go together and I was back at home preparing a down south dinner for him Jay-Z and Chad...he just loves it when I call him Rell :love: