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Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson

This is what REAL Love looks like. Any questions?

When a couple is truly in love, they don't have to convince each other; they just know.

Keyshia Cole and Booby

Keyshia Cole and Booby

Photo caption: "??About to meet up wit my Baby!!! #HappyBornDayDinner with a special treat! #Romantic"

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    • LSLH


    • LaceJagger

      Looks realer than that Kanye and Kim pic

    • jeniefrumdabloc


    • libra80sbaby

      I used to really like Keyshia, but that heffah know she has a stankin azz attitude and that is a :nono: when you supposed to be a lady.

    • aint nobody got time for that

      Jenie u might as well come on back downstairs lol

    • Pickachu Tran

      :coffee: dont really care for keyshia

    • FuturedocDonte

      That's what real love looks like.... Until the dopamine wears off :coffee:

      And this photo is ratchet

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Donte :waves: :hahaha:

    • DoNotDeleteMe

      Didn't Chris and Rihanna already do this on Instagram? :shrug:

      I guess this is the bootleg version!

    • Nakeya_j

      Oh I see why yall were staying downstairs. Im out

    • Smonae

      Keyshia crazy azz :no:

    • Betamax82

      Sandra I know Keyshia is a FOB but she needs to work on her stank attitude towards Daniel stat

    • capricorn83

      :wtf: is Keyshia wearing??

    • Crickett

      Sandra her body language is different from his. She looks a stripper straddling a client, while he looks like a man loving his wife. Her head isn't tucked and her arms aren't hugging- she posing. Whatever...

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      When a couple is truly in love, they don’t have to convince each other; they just know.

      This statement is so true, but Ion think this applies meh let me get out of this post :pigsfly:

    • hell_on_heels

      How old is her husband again (putting up the middle finger)? Auntie, what real love NOT posting pictures every five damn seconds about your union/relationship on Twiiter, Instagram, etc. it's to the point, are folks trying to convince themselves or others. KC is 30 plus (& I'm assuming her husband isn't too far behind). GROW UP & stop living for others.

    • Pickachu Tran

      O keyshia a FOB..

      Keyshia looks GOOD in these pics then :D

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :warning: FOB :warning: :rules:

    • MsChavo

      It just looks like they are trying soooooooo hard to prove that they still love each other, not understanding why.

    • Nakeya_j

      O keyshia a FOB..

      Keyshia looks GOOD in these pics then

    • WUT U TALKIN BOUT?! doesn't have to be announce nor every special thing you do for that person. To me that still point the finger at yourself saying look what I have done for him... GTFOHWTBS..
      "I love my boo cuz see I do special shyt for him." :nono:

    • Smonae

      Morning Everyone :waves:
      Aint no

      Jenieeee :hugs: I hope i dont get in trouble for call KC crazy

    • AlabamaSky

      I ain't buying it. Tryin' too hard :tea: And Keyshia's attitude SUCKS monkey balls. I stopped watching her show after she snapped on her foster mother for not watching her son

    • aint nobody got time for that

      Lmao dont fall for it yall. This weeks old pic is a TRAP. N @beta u mean stank attitude in general. Hurt people hurt people but thats NO excuse. Now im really going back downstairs. I dont post often enough to be getting banned today. Hi auntie :biggrin:

    • Smonae

      Morning Wut :waves:

    • leapyr~baby!

      Naw this is what damage conrol looks like when you're trying to convince the public your marriage isnt on the rocks! Still love her music tho! Anywho---I really just logged in to say ITS TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
      :yahoo: :danban:

    • aint nobody got time for that

      Mawnin Smonae

    • aint nobody got time for that

      :happybirthday: leapyr woot wooooooot PISCES season

    • cheeks8683

      When you have to broadcast everything about your personal life to people you don't know I question how "legit" the relationship really is....I say that because for a while there it looked like she was sending subliminal messages of there being "issues" at home...So yall made up, thanks for letting "us" who don't matter know... :coffee:

    • FuturedocDonte

      FOB or not, booby better get his dayum feet off that table :spank: fo I call grumma

    • Nakeya_j

      Mornin Smonae. :wave: Can we talk about anything but this post please. I am NOT trying to get banned today. #ILoveMyLogIn

    • leapyr~baby!

      Ok there were all kinds of grammatical errors in #26 but guess what??? I dont give a chit b/c TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! :dance:

    • that_VA_thickchick

      (from downstairs)

      that_VA_thickchick says:

      DoNotDeleteMe says:

      RE: the SVU episode~

      I know DV is a serious issue. However, not every DV relationship ends in death. MY BFF’s mother and step-father have been together for over 30 years. For many years, their relationship was very tumultuous and there was DV involved. However, they are still together and have not fought in nearly 20 years. They just for whatever reasson started getting along and communicating better. I shared that to say this: even in the most trying relationships, you can never know the outcome. Everyone used to say that she would end up dead if she did not leave. Out of all the naysayers, my BFF’s mother and step-fther are the only relationship that survived and the rest of the holier than thou aka “I would never let a man hit me crowd” are old bitter bishes.

      I believe that if they work hard at communicating their feelings and listen to each other, Chris and Rihanna can and will make it!
      This is truly a “different” story than most I’ve heard. I’ve heard of couples that used to fight because there were substance abuse issues. Once the substance abuse stoppped, so did the fighting.

      But what stands out is you referencing the women who wouldn’t stand for a man hitting them as bitter old bishes. :shocked:

      If I had to choose between being with a man who beat my azz on a regular and being alone…..I’ll take “alone and lonely” for $200 Alex!

    • Betamax82

      Hey Smonae :hi:

    • leapyr~baby!

      Thanks Aint!! Pisces are the best! :-D

    • Betamax82

      @ Aint you right she like that to everyone

    • FuturedocDonte

      Jenie waddup :hug:

    • Smonae

      leapyr :happybirthday:

    • Betamax82

      :happybirthday: leapyr~baby

    • Afiya

      UMMM Keisha, that outfit :no:

    • Betamax82

      Oh that SVU episode last night was wack to me they could have done better

    • LadieLeo


    • leapyr~baby!

      Thanks Beta and Smonae!! :)

    • aint nobody got time for that

      @afiya :cosign: like a mugg btw :newpost: daaaaaaang auntie

    • FuturedocDonte

      I see the SVU episode done stuck a nerve wit a couple folks :coffee:

    • Nakeya_j

      aka “I would never let a man hit me crowd” are old bitter bishes.
      So I have to be a old bitter bish because I don't want your man to bash your face in? Yeah ok. Then I'll be that. (in my redman voice) lol. Let me leave this all the way alone. smh.

    • aint nobody got time for that

      @donte i think anything related to chrianna strikes several nerves wit several folks but hey atleast theyre happy wit one another

    • San

      Those printed pants tho :no:

    • Chile Cheese!

      That Liberace blouse? :blink: :lol:

      Please fire your stylist or hire one. #helpful

    • Carmez79

      She was just sub tweeting a few weeks ago about bums and birds and cheating. :yawn:

    • tintin1979

      Lies lies lies

    • scorpio

      Not buying it. Too much has been revealed on the show, on how disconnected they are.

    • Atypical

      @SandraRose You slay me..If her TV show was any indication of their relationship I'll pass on using them as a "model" couple. Just saying... .