Jazmine just updated her Twitter page with this important message.

Who is Jazmine Cashmere and why is every saying she's pregnant with rapper Jay Z's baby? It turns out Jazmine is a popular porn star over in England, but she currently lives in California.

Jazmine Cashmere is allegedly pregnant by a Rapper from New York.

According to some reports, the adult star is a few months pregnant and has even made public pictures of her baby bump.

For all of you who have never heard of her before, then you must know that Jazmine has appeared in more than 80 adult films since 2004 and has even won awards for her performances in these videos and films.

According to E-Parenting News, the baby's daddy is none other than Jay Z! If this rumor is true, this will be Jay Z's 2nd child. This would explain why Beyonce has been acting so looney lately, and why that rumored romance between Bey and her bodyguard Julius seems to be heating up.

You can read Jazmine's tweets at @4bidnJazmine. We're sure she'll have a lot more to say in the coming weeks.

Over the past several months. I've received numerous emails from con artists advertising booking rates for artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake.

One such email said Nicki Minaj would be available for club dates in Atlanta last month at the going rate of $15,000 for two hours. 30 minutes later, the same person sent another email correcting the amount for Nicki's services to $10,000.

The savvy blogger that I am, I know full well that artist's management wouldn't email booking rates for their artists to me. What would I do with such information? Post it on my blog?

In a statement released to AllHipHop.com today, rapper Drake warned his fans to be wary of fake promoters advertising concerts and club appearances using his name. I'm not sure how he thinks the fans will know the difference between what's real or fake promotional appearances.

But Drake, who will be in Atlanta hosting a party at the Velvet Room on Sunday, said:

"It has been brought to my attention that false promoters and booking agents are illegally using my name and likeness to promote concerts and club appearances for their own financial gain. It is frustrating for me to hear that many of my fans, who like myself are innocent victims in these scams, have been misled due to the greed of these promoters. I apologise to any fan that (sic) has been a victim of these circumstances or feels let down by false advertising.

"Please be assured that my team and I take these matters seriously and are actively co-operating with authorities. I cannot thank my fans enough for supporting my music and all that I do."

You can rest assured that if an event is advertised on this blog, then it's legit. You should see how many event flyers (and money) I turn down every month because I'm not familiar with the promoter.

Anyone who has ever been married to a narcissist or involved with one, knows with 100% certainty that Tiger Woods will cheat on his wife again. Narcissists cheat because they are driven to find and sustain more and more Narcissistic Supply (NS) which they are addicted to like a drug.

According to renowned expert on narcissism, Dr. Sam Vaknin, a narcissist like Tiger Woods will:

...constantly consume [prey upon others for] adoration, admiration, approval, applause, attention and other forms of Narcissistic Supply.

When [Narcissistic Supply] is lacking or deficient, a Narcissistic Deficiency Dysphoria sets in. The narcissist then appears to be depressed, his movements slow down, his sleep patterns are disordered (he either sleeps too much or becomes insomniac), his eating patterns change (he gorges on food or is avoids it altogether). Read more...

Of Tiger's "performance" during his press conference today, body language expert Sanjay Burman tells Hollyscoop exclusively that he believes Tiger "will cheat again" and only "his references to his children were genuine."

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I just got off the phone with a friend of Monica's good friend and event planner, Sybrina Stupart. She said Sybrina is in the running for 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' and she wanted me to check out Rodney Ho's piece about her in his Radio & TV blog.

Sybrina joins the burgeoning list of over 30 women that Bravo has interviewed for the so-called "sixth housewife." Sybrina's friend and I both agreed that Bravo is running a game on all of these women.

I know for a fact that local Atlanta attorney Phaedra Parks is a shoe-in for the role as cast member on RHOA. Phaedra produced Tiny & Toya's show on BET and she's in real good with the producers of RHOA.

In fact, Dwight Eubanks of RHOA planned Phaedra's Nov. 2009 wedding to her ex-con boyfriend who had just been released from prison 6 months earlier.

I'm told that Phaedra married career criminal Apollo Nida so quickly to give herself a better advantage over others in the running.

Then last week, Phaedra sweetened the pot for Bravo's producers -- just in case they had their doubts about her. But I've been sworn to secrecy, so you'll have to wait and see what that is.

But this isn't about Phaedra.

Sybrina Stupart is the CEO/Owner of Atlanta based S.L.A.M. Events Planning Inc, an Atlanta based Events Planning and Consulting Firm.

Sybrina and R&B singer Monica have been close friends for years. She planned most of Monica's events and Monica trust only her to plan the birthday parties for her children.

I first met Sybrina when she coordinated Rocko's album release party at the Body Tap strip club a few years ago. In my opinion, she would be a better fit for the cast of 'Housewives' because she's independently wealthy and very real.

I would much rather watch the show if Sybrina was on it because I know her and she won't take any mess off fake azz Kandi or NeNe.

But like I said, the fix is already in.

Tiger Woods hangs his head in shame

Click here to watch the full apology courtesy of Worldstar Hip Hop.

Disgraced golfing champ Tiger Woods apologized profusely to his wife Elin Nordegren-Woods, his mother and his children for his self described "irresponsible behavior".

Speaking before a room of hand picked journalists at a country club in Windemere, Florida, Woods said his wife Elin never hit him the day before Thanksgiving, and there has never been an instance of domestic violence in his home.

"I understand that people want to know if Elin and I will remain together... but it is a matter between Elin and me," he said.

Woods also asked the paparazzi to stop pursuing his two-year-old daughter and wife around Orlando.

He expressed a renewed interest in Buddhism, his religious faith, and he denied a reliance on performance enhancing drugs. Woods said he would return to the so-called sex rehab therapy tomorrow.

He said he didn't know when he would return to golfing and he couldn't rule out returning to the links this year. He also thanked his fans, the PGA director, the players and his friends for their support and for believing in him.

Woods begged his fans to find room in their hearts to, "one day believe in me again." He did not take any questions from the assembled media.

Tiger' mom Kultilda Woods was present but his wife Elin was not

A Tiger Woods jump off, a porn star represented by Gloria Allred, held a press conference at the same time as Woods' conference to say that Woods should apologize to her for making her fall in love with him. She said she did not intend to sue Woods.

Photos: AP

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, right, and multi-media personality La La Vazquez arriving at Katsuya in Los Angeles to celebrate La La's engagement to Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony last night.

Love the heels, La La.

Non-celebrity, professional leg spreader, socialite and part-time model Amber Rose attended the Laura Smalls Fall/Winter 2010 presentation at The Plaza Hotel in NYC yesterday.

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Convicted woman beater Chris Brown, center, yukked it up with producer Polow Da Don, left, and Lakers player Ron Artest yesterday during the Celtics vs. Lakers game at the Staples Center.

Then he shared a laugh with struggling R&B singer Usher at the LA Lakers game. Brown appeared before a judge in L.A. yesterday for a progress report hearing. The judge praised Brown for keeping his nose clean and attending domestic violence classes as part of his probation agreement. The Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by the final score of 87-86 at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

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Today's Morning Wood hunk is Joel, the brother of Bird, one of my longtime readers. According to Bird, her brother Joel is most recently known for his television and modeling work. In February, he debuted on VH1’s newest hit reality series, Let’s Talk About Pep, as the love interest of celebrity broadcast journalist Jacque Reid.

The show, which stars Sandy “Pepa” Denton of Salt-N-Pepa fame, holds a weekly audience of 2 million viewers and is currently one of VH1’s most popular programs. As a model, Joel was recently featured on the website of Essence magazine as the “Eye Candy of the Week” in a 10-photo spread.

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