Ladies, I know how much you love DJ Holiday, the mixtape King of the South. So last night, I brought him in for questioning. I interrogated him for 60 minutes straight and I was able to extract the information that you need. I tried to get him to take his shrt off for some hawt Morning Wood pics, but he refused (he so shy). Maybe if Holiday reads the comments and sees your pleas for real “Wood” pics, he’ll change his mind.

Anyway, last week, I wrote that DJ Holiday was going ‘Hollywood’ and he quickly responded with vigorous denials. DJ Holiday is one of the top DJ’s in the industry, in addition to being Gucci Mane’s exclusive producer. As you know, Gucci is currently incarcerated, but that hasn’t stopped him! Holiday plans to drop Gucci Mane’s official mixtape on April 13 titled The BurrrPrint 2HD on Asylum Records.

Here’s what DJ Holiday had to say about the official Gucci Mane mixtape:

The label thought it would be a good idea because our mxtapes are so successful as far as what we do in the streets. You know, the whole Southeast — all over. Me and [Gucci] put together a little mixtape and it’s like a collection of everything, you know. A couple of new tracks from Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jim Jones. Just me talking on it and doing my one-two thing.

What’s unique about it is we actually recorded songs from him over the phone. I took his vocals from him rapping on the phone and matched it up to a beat from [local producer] Drumma Boy. That’s like never been done before. That’s gon’ be something different. It’s like the first track on there.

You know, I feel like I got the upper hand right now as far as the mixtape game. God’s blessed me for people all around the world to know my name and my brand and what I’m doin’. I’m definitely up and coming!

DJ Holiday’s Stats

Age: 27

Height: 5-11

Weight: 205 lbs.

Marital status: “Just say I’m married to the game”

Car: “Nissan 350Z and a 2010 Range Rover”

How you living?: “I bought a house. It’s comfortable, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths”

What type of women gets your attention:

“A woman who’s got a damn job, with a good head on her shoulders and can hold a real conversation, you know what I’m sayin’?”

How can a woman impress you:

“I tend to shoot for the girls who light up the room. Somebody who just kinda stands out. I know every n*gga in here is gonna try to holla at her. But I’m just going by my environment because it’s my club. I’m a DJ so that’s my environment. I ain’t gon’ lie. I have went to a Barnes & Nobles before, and a coffee shop just to see what’s in there. Just to get a different scenery. Just fly to L.A. for the weekend or something like that. Just to get a different view.

What turns you off about a woman?:

The one’s who’s been in heavy rotation with every rapper, NBA and football player that comes through the muthaf***ing club. And you know me, I know that because I DJ at the clubs! It’s very, very easy to pinpoint ’em!

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