Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland was spotted relaxing on Miami Beach during the Memorial Day weekend. Kelly was wearing a too small aqua string bikini top and giving her breast implants a little air. Kelly recently tweeted that her diet was key in keeping herself fit, saying: "I gave up sugar and fried foods again!!!". I guess she doesn't mind silicone in her diet.

Tiki Barber's soon to be ex-wife Ginny was seen out with her son's A.J and Chason and her mother today -- a week after giving birth to twin girls. Tiki was seen earlier in the day visiting his twin daughters and picking up the boys for a play date in the park.

T.I. was spotted rocking out at Klutch nightclub on Miami Beach last night, as his fiancee Tiny watched lovingly from the side of the stage (far right).

Sean Combs congratulated T.I. on his upcoming nuptials to Tiny at Klutch in Miami. I hear T.I. collected over $100,000 for his live gig at Klutch last night. I wonder how much they charged at the door to get in?

Rappers Shawty Lo and Gucci Mane bonded at Club Mansion last night in South Beach, Miami.

Rapper Bow Wow found a chick his size to pose with at Kenny Burns' party at the Savoy Hotel in Miami yesterday.

While their mother Kim Porter wrapped filming of her new movie with LisaRaye in Atlanta on Thursday, sons Quincy, left, Justin, far right and Christian, 2nd from right, partied in Miami at the Savoy Hotel yesterday.

Director Spike Lee took part in a BP Oil protest in New Orleans while in town making a new documentary about Hurricane Katrina today. Expect to see a lot more BP oil protests this Summer now that BP has announced the oil will continue to spew into the Gulf until August! One protestor that you won't see among the crowds is Barack Obama who benefited from BP's cash donations during his run for president.

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  • Thando

    I rather like Kelly Rowland. Let her be her. I'd rather be in her shoes than Beyonce's anyday. Anyone who can bag Mr Virgin (Sir Richard Branson)in whatever capacity, gets my awe anytime.

    Jat-Z - RICH
    Branson - WEALTHY

  • TSRBenz

    there's kelly showing off the boobs she bought
    and i think the doctor forgot to take a baby out of ginny's belly
    t.i is offial over rated to me

  • attorneymom

    I love Spike Lee. He understands that The Struggle ain't over.

  • MandaPanda0408

    Pull over that a$$ too phat!!! :coffee:

  • Nthabi

    What celebrities are you talmbout, Auntie? :rofl: And who are those basic hispanics in the second picture, and why are they on SR?

    Aside from T.I and Diddy that is. :shrug:

    Love T.I. He can do NO WRONG, ever!

    Carry on.


  • Natasha

    Have a great Memorial Day (observed) Auntie Sandra!!!!!

  • TheRealAshland

    what struggle? ....Lmao at foolery

  • SadisticallySweet

    @Nthabi Basic hispanics? Really? Smh

    The only thing that annoys me in this post is that Diddy allowed his youngest boys to be at that party. Very inappropriate.

  • Ms.Everything

    Happy Memorial Day everyone!
    :cosign: @ AM
    Tiny doesn't look like she staring lovingly to me, she has that look of a kid who's being forced to sit there. Like she's grounded or something :shrugs: I like Tiny but she could do better and it makes me sad to see her.
    TSRBenz, she gave birth to twins a week ago, did you expect her to be thin already? No woman gives birth and has a flat stomach a week later, nor should she be expected to.

    No comment on the rest

  • His_Mommy623

    Why is Justin and Christian there?

  • TSRBenz

    @9 i did and so did bethany from housewives of new york

  • Musiqal1

    His_Mommy623 says:

    Why is Justin and Christian there?


    I mean...really? LOL! That looked like a grown up event to me, and they are NOT grown!

  • Daisy

    Team TI :cheer: I love the KING!

    Team Puffy :cheer: He done told yall he won't stop can't stop

    Kelly has a cute shape

  • Ms.Everything

    Good for you but that's not normal and shouldn't be expected. I've had 4 kids and lose my weight fast but not in a week. But again good for you :coffee:

  • Cinnamon Kisses

    Wow @ some of the phuckery in here.......smdh
    I think kelly looks cute...gon head girly likey T.I and justins 95's.......I :heart: 95's.....just bought me some thee other day. im glad spike is still making a voice
    :offtopic: the oil spill has me scared.....our ocean and the animals that live within.... :sad:

  • winenroses

    Uhhh...that's Tiki Barber's wife??? Wow

  • Daisy

    @Sandra *sideye* at your Obama jab as usual :rolleyes: that drop in the bucket campiagn money is NOTHING compared to how much Bush/Cheney has made off BP and OIL in general. They deregulated the industry so their pockets along with the oil companies could continue to GET PHAT!

  • talkingwithtami

    Love Tiny shoes!

  • vetta

    "No woman gives birth and has a flat stomach a week later, nor should she be expected to."

    --I did!!

  • TruGemini

    I hope Diddy don't try to slide his way up into TI's career...

    Justin and Christian need to take they asses back to the room somewhere and Quincy PUHLEEZ stop pursing them lips like that...that mess ain't sexy...

    AND Kim Porter's doing a movie with LisaRaye?? Lord help us all... :rolleyes:

  • Quitta

    His_Mommy623 - Why is Justin and Christian there?

    I was asking the same thing

  • leat

    Please tell me where to get that Nike Tee Bow Wow has on....THANKS

  • Val

    Love love love love love T.I :heart:
    best rapper :champ:

  • MzAkatude

    Klutch was too crowded on Sunday and it cost $75-100 for women and $200 for men. Soo over rated and super HOT!

    Auntie Sandra, Tiny and TIp getting married in Miami? They are still here I saw them yesterday. Give us some hints.