Rap Diva Trina wanted the world to know that her reunion with former boyfriend Kenyon Martin was not a ploy to help promote her new album. So she packed him off to Atlanta yesterday to sit by her side while she signed CDs at DTLR sporting goods store in Camp Creek (a suburb of Atlanta).

This is how closely Trina monitors Kenyon’s every move like a hawk! My spies tell me that while Trina was signing autographs, Kenyon received a call on his iPhone. She immediately jumped up and demanded to see his phone. Once she was satisfied that the call was innocent, she resumed signing CDs.

My spy said that Kenyon sat dutifully still as Trina searched his cell phone for new numbers or other evidence of cheating. The exact word my spy used to describe Kenyon was “obedient.” As Trina walked back to the table you could almost hear the invisible ball and chain around Kenyon’s neck jangling. That’s how you control a man’s universe: by letting him know you are one step ahead of him at all times.

Any female who has been cheated on will instantly recognize “the look” Trina is giving Kenyon.

I’ve attended quite a few CD signing/meet and greets, and I’ve never seen an artist’s man sit in on a session. They’re usually too busy chasing tail or spending the artist’s money on their “boys.”

While talking on her cell phone, Ms Trina sported a rock that was twice as big as Stone Mountain. Does this mean she’s engaged?

Ms Trina’s new CD Amazin’ is in stores now!

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net