By Sandra Rose  | 

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly and Fox contributor Dick Morris both seem to think Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is just biding her time until she can run against Barack Obama for president in 2012.

On 60 Minutes earlier this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented that the American economy is making it more difficult for her to do her job because other nations are telling her that “we always look to you because you have this great economy, and now you’re in the ditch.” Bill O’Reilly saw “a little jab” at the President in those comments, blaming the White House for her job troubles, but guest Dick Morris took that premise a bit further, suggesting the remarks, coupled with her silence on health care reform, were a deliberate attempt to undermine the President building up to 2012.“I think there is a subtle distancing going on, and it began over health care,” Morris noted, pointing out that Clinton was not vocal about supporting health care reform. Read More...

She sure wasn't. We heard nary a peep from Hillary when it came time to support Obama's health care reform initiative. She pretty much stayed out of it.

Will Hillary make a run for president in 2012 and thereby oust her boss from the White House? You bet 'cha!

You just know Hillary is sitting back collecting all types of intel to use against Obama in 2012!

  • jazi65

    Only reason I would consider voting for Hillary is to keep that crazy bitch Palin out the White House.

  • Anna

    Jazi65, it was no secret that Hill was not done w/her vie to The White House.

  • Jessie

    Oh please!! Sandra, you and those other "right wing retards" are always coming up with some "poop" when it comes to Obama. Haters! It is not Hilary's job to speak out for or against health care and what she is quoted as saying is not a "jab" against Obama. The sooner ya'll get over the fact that BARACK OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, the better off you will be. And if you don't like it, your home country awaits you! Bye! Bye!

  • SunnyPA

    Dick Morris HATES Hillary Clinton...that's no secret. Actually they hate easch other from when she was first lady.

    Hillary is done. She messed up when she took the secretary of state job.

  • SunnyPA

    Besides, no democrat will challenge Obama.

  • fatblkboy

    i thought that the sitting president is automatically the incumbent for the second term? i don't recall any President participating in a second primary election. i don't think this story is true.

  • BeautifulBliss

    I refuse to discuss politics on this board. I've observed and learned to stay out of it and stick to discussing gossip and such here.