to add another email from loyal reader D. Bryant (scroll down)…

Loyal reader Domi writes:

Good Day Ms. Rose,

My name is Dominique from Los Angeles and I visit your site every single day. I have attempted to register to comment on your site to no avail, but I just had to leave you with this!

I saw the pictures of Nas and Amy at Damien Marley’s birthday party leaving together, and my mouth dropped open.

I have been an Amy Winehouse fan since her first album, and I was completely blown away after the Back to Black album, which I call the soundtrack to my life. Although she’s a real live crackhead, she has undeniable talent.

With that being said, true Amy Winehouse fans know that it has been rumored for many years that Amy and Nas were a couple in the past. There is even a song that is presumably about Nas, entitled “Me and Mr. Jones” which is obviously about a tumultuous relationship between the two. It is one of my favorite songs of all time and she is CLEARLY talking about Nas. Sandra please Google it!

Some of the most notable verses go “Mr Destiny, 9 and 14” (they share the same birthday) “Besides Sammy you’re my best Black Joe” I mean come on, the song is called Me and Mr (Nasir) Jones! I thought people knew this already, but all over the internet people are saying “What is Nas doing with Amy Winehouse”!!

Whew! I vented and now I feel better!

Love your blog,

Domi from L.A.!!!

Loyal reader D. Bryant writes:

As an avid Nas fan, I have to tell you that your reader who sent that in about he and Amy’s ‘alleged’ relationship is [insult removed]. Please refrain from posting ludicrous crap like that. Yes, Amy Winehouse has not been subtle in her crush on Nas, however, in the Nas continuum there has been neither time nor the slightest possibility that he hit that triple bagged in plastic on his worst day. What is more likely is that Amy heard that her crush was doing a show in London — which is what he was out there for with Damien — and scooted her crazy crackhead self down to attend it on a groupie tip.

That is all,
Thank you.