Rumors are flying again that singer Rihanna and her cheating baseball playing beau Matt Kemp are breaking up. We told you that Rihanna decided to drop kick Matt after she saw a video that clearly shows Matt stepping out with a LSLH chick in LA while she was on tour.

But according to Eonline:

There’s nothing dramatic going on between the two, but they’ve been spending a lot less time together these days. Simply put, Kemp’s in Arizona focused on training with full-day workouts while Ri-Ri has been jetting around the world promoting her most recently album, Loud.

The two have been dating for about a year. “Their schedules were difficult, but they made it all seem so easy being together,” says a pal of the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder.

“He loves her very much and I honestly believe she loves him a lot,” says another source. “How this plays out no one, not even them know at this point.”

A Rihanna confidante concurs, but says no one would be surprised if the romance fizzled because the singer is “still very much a kid.”

According to the source, the lovebirds were supposed to spend the holidays together in November, but “something has changed” between the former sweethearts. Normally, Kemp would leave training camp to be with Rihanna, but the two haven’t been spotted together since the American Music Awards last month.

The source, who is obviously a man, denied the rumors that Kemp was cheating on Rihanna with the girl in the now-famous video. “The girl…is nowhere near his type,” he said.

Since when does a cheating dog have a particular type that he prefers to cheat with? Any woman who has been cheated on knows that 90% of the time the other woman is not her man’s type.

I do agree with the source that Rihanna acts like an immature schoolgirl whose head is easily turned by every pretty light skinned boy she sees. If she’s not careful, her lack of good judgment will derail her career for good.