Not long after news broke early Saturday that Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean had been shot in Haiti, users began expressing doubts about the story.

Details were sketchy at first, but then Wyclef released photos of himself reclining on a bed in a Haiti clinic, his left hand resting dramatically on his forehead while his right hand was wrapped in a bandage.

Another photo shows Jean sitting on the side of a bed, a blood soaked gauze covers his right palm — hardly a spot that is normally grazed by a bullet.

Always the attention whore, Wyclef spoke to the AP and other media outlets before casting his vote in the presidential election. He said he was stepping out of a car with his entourage, which included the rapper Busta Rhymes, when suddenly a shooter opened fire on him.

He said: “The way I can explain it is that the bullet grazed me in my right hand. I heard blow, blow, blow and I just looked at my hand.”

But Haitian police accuse Wyclef of fabricating his story to bering attention to his candidate.

“We met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass,” said Vanel Lacroix, police chief in Petionville where Jean is staying.

Jean has been in his native Haiti campaigning with his friend and musician, Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly. Some insiders say Jean personally financed the political new-comer’s campaign since his own bid for president was denied when it was determined that he wasn’t a full-time resident of the island.

Many in the industry know that Wyclef is the worst type of narcissist — one who has shamelessly taken millions in past donations meant for the needy and pocketed the cash for himself — all the while taking credit for his false benevolence.

Hopefully, when the truth comes out people will see Wyclef for the sleaze ball that he is.