Beyoncé's husband Jay Z, 41, was spotted leaving Nello's on the Upper Eastside after eating dinner with friends in New York City last night. I'm so happy to see this grown man finally pulling his pants up. Hopefully, his misguided fans will follow suit and stop acting ignorant on commercial airliners.

My confidential source at her Beyonce's record label tells me that Bey is "having a fit" over her fans' negative response to her new album, entitled '4'. I told you earlier that, according to the same source, the CD's release date was pushed back so the album could be retooled with more dance tracks for the gays. But, according to Columbia Records' Twitter page, the release date of June 28 still stands. We'll see what happens.

Singer and reality TV star Brandy was seen leaving Trousdale Nightclub in West Hollywood, California last night.

Actress and socialite Meagan Good was spotted leaving Trousdale Nightclub in West Hollywood last night.

Photos: Splash News Online

  • chocolate divalicious

    HOVA looking a little sexy there. Brandy looks krute and Meagen well how about those Mavericks?

  • Eb

    Bey better sale that CD for 1 cent at the dollar general. That's the only way she will sale 1 million in the 1st week like Lady GaGa did :coffee:

  • Yardgirl

    Thank you for the weekend posts Miss Sandra :)

    Oh Megan, why do you have to look so "most unfortunate"? :blink: I have always thought JayZ was very sexxy!!

  • Sandra Rose

    Yardgirl says:

    Thank you for the weekend posts Miss Sandra :)

    You're welcome, hun. I'm blogging on my Mac Air in Strip at Atlantic Station. :)

  • Fayla

    Jay's looking better in that pic..lawd the Bey stans gonna lose it if that album really is pushed back..oh wait..i thought they loved anything she does anyway so it really shouldn't matter, :shrug: B-Rock I luh u gurl but sum sum is off in that pic..Meagan *BIG sigh* i just don't understand how such a pretty girl has such bad fashion sense (IMO..i mean i realize we all have our own personal style so :shrug: ) she has all the makings to be a much larger STAR-RAH (she has a great bod, pretty, & actually has talent acting) i think if she stepped her style game up maybe she'd get bigger roles..welp, my time is up here at work so :cya:

  • qtipthecat

    Jay is getting sexier in his old age. He could so :hump:

  • qtipthecat

    I was recently in Atlanta last month on my trip to Savannah. I just kept looking for you. LOL

  • Sandra Rose

    I was recently in Atlanta last month on my trip to Savannah. I just kept looking for you. LOL

    Lol. Where were u looking? Did u try Cheetah's? That's my spot on Saturday night for lobster dinner. :yes:

  • Sandra Rose

    Thanks for stopping by Fayla! :bye: Oh, and Meagan is a down-to-earth, round the way girl who isn't trying to impress anybody. That's my type of chick :yes:

  • prima_donna2163

    :newbie: Hello all!

    Jay does look, dare I say.....handsome! I like when he looks cleanly! #teamhov! What is the barcode on his shirt all about though?

    And Brandy looks absolutely lovely...always loved Brandy and this pic agrees with her 100%!

    I don't know why I can't do Meagn....I just can't....

  • qtipthecat

    I just kinda drove through. My daughter kept asking me, Did you see Sandra Rose?. Your pretty much what we associate with Atlanta. I flew to ATL and drove to Savannah. It was on the Air Force's dollars.
    I think I need to move to Savannah. I lovr it there.

  • jazi65

    Jay has been looking mighty fine lately. I've never seen him smile so much.

    Meagan is so pretty & she does own more than one pair of pants :shocked:

    Brandi looking fab too

  • Sandra Rose

    @ qtipthecat: Awww, tell your daughter I said hi! And, just email me the next time you stop through. :D

  • SouthernPrincess

    I am so loving the weekend post. Especially since I dont have a chance to log on during the week. Is this a new trend? If so I likes!

  • kingstonn

    i can see the netting around brandy's lacefront. aw.. :(

  • BeautifulBliss

    Jay tends to look much happier when he's without Beyonce and taking pictures with other women, I've noticed.

  • Daisy

    @sandra I agree w/u abt Megan

  • deedeegirl

    Brandy looks cute and real pulled together these days. I'm a fan of hers for life.

  • brenden

    it's kind of sad that Brandy is labeled a singer and reality star. I remember when she was a singer and an actor. I also remember when she wasn't a vegan. Ate Mcdonalds 3 times a day. Boy did she have a body on her. Everything was plump. Before the era of pads and injections. reality show is the way to go in order to stay relevant. I despise those programs.

  • Jerrica

    Why does the bar code on his shirt has to mean something?

  • mizzdallas

    I love brandy she is so hawt!!! she is in the studio working on her album she said that she will take her time this time around!!! Im so happy for her!!

  • StillASassyOne

    I love Brandy!!! Always have and always will! I remember when she was thicker than Beyonce as well! She looks good either way though! Can't wait until she drops a new album- I have all of her priors (the REAL copies- I don't bootleg Brandy. I'll always support QUALITY music!)

    And I like Megans care-free style. It fits her. I think she's truly one of those people who is so confident that she doesn't let her clothes wear her. She'd still be gorg in a trash bag so I aint mad at her.

    Jay also looks very nice in this pic. Everybody looks great! :yes:

  • lady_cn

    I'm glad Jay cut his hair. :yes:

    Much better sir, much better. :applause:

  • YSoSerious

    Hey Jay! :waves:

  • therapist1911

    I like the shirt Jay and the "J's"

    I'm a forever Brandy fan

    I like Megan. She was leaving a club, it prob was hot. She like it...

  • ELove

    Megan LQQKS Dirty-n-Dingy (To Me...) BEING Down-to-Earth Personality Wise as NOTHING TO DO with LQQKING Raggedy as a F-U-C-K out in Public (Word...) :coffee:

  • Tatted Diva

    I got to listen to the ENTIRE cd over the weekend when I was at a Fish Fry and I must say........THAT CD PHUCKING SUCKED! EACH & EVERY SONG! I don't even like the "Girls Run the World" Song!


  • Smonae80

    Jay looks good,, I wonder why people trying 2 block Beyonce sales by falsely stating her album was pushed back, her album is still releasing on the 28th & who is really giving all this negative feedback besides the ones who don't like her 2 begin with, everyone I know who likes her, loves what they have heard so far, the hate for her that strong, d*mn shame

  • Fayla

    Tatted Diva says:

    I got to listen to the ENTIRE cd over the weekend when I was at a Fish Fry and I must say……..THAT CD PHUCKING SUCKED! EACH & EVERY SONG! I don’t even like the “Girls Run the World” Song!

    Tabew say it aint' so! ALL the trax sucked? NOOOOOOO!!!! :mad:

  • Tatted Diva

    @ Fay.....YES, I HATED THE CD! AND I fux w/Bey....YOU DIG?! But it's only my opinion...YOU MAY FEEL IT!

  • Ace

    I like Jay's T-Shirt too... :shrug:

  • SunRiseBlossom


    Jay-Z actually caught my eye for a second!!!

    I'm back now!!! :typing: