According to my very credible record label source, Rihanna’s next single, “Birthday Cake,” is in jeopardy of being shelved due to the controversy surrounding Chris Brown’s feature on the track.

The much talked about “Birthday Cake” remix is the full length version of the interlude off Rihanna’s gold album, Talk That Talk.

Due to popular demand, the track was revamped and Rihanna’s abusive boyfriend was added to the mix. But the response to the news that Brown is on the single has reverberated online. Many of Rihanna’s million strong ‘Rihanna Navy’ say RiRi is committing career suicide if Brown is left on the track.

I reached out to my source last night to confirm or deny new reports that Brown was no longer on the track. My source confirmed that — yes — Brown IS featured on the “Cake” remix, which was scheduled to drop tomorrow. But my source added that Roc Nation is “debating” shelving the remix because of “all the controversy.”

According to my source, Rihanna herself is anxious for the track to be released — in its present form — with Chris Brown’s vocals intact.

Rihanna is celebrating her 24th birthday today in Central London, near the tiny hamlet of Clapham, where your auntie was born (I’m not sure if Clapham is still tiny).

Rihanna was seen leaving her hotel wearing a plaid jacket with a plaid button down shirt tucked deep down into her daisy dukes shorts.

According to my source, Rihanna and Chris Brown are in constant contact with each other via text message and phone calls, while she’s in London. My source disputed reports that Brown and his long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, were happy together.

“She’s young… can’t really expect anything different,” said my source, referring to Karrueche, whom my source says is in denial about Rihanna and Brown.

My informant added that Rihanna and Brown couldn’t resist each other at her birthday party at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills last week: “They were dancing and kissing at her party all night.”

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