To their family and friends, Arthur and Jolie Huntington were the perfect couple. He was a respected, longstanding member of the U.S. Secret Service, and she was a housewife who home-schooled the couple’s two children, 12 and 15.

Arthur Huntington, 41, is the cheapskate who refused to pay a Colombian hooker $800 for a night of “high quality” sexual services on April 12 — launching the biggest internal and external investigation into the agency in 150 years.

After being stripped of his top secret clearance and placed on suspension, Huntington was among the first of the 11 agents under investigation to be fired.

Now, the submissive wife of the disgraced former agent vows to stand by her man.

Jolie Huntington, 41, told relatives she will “make the marriage work” with her husband of nearly 20 years, according to the New York Daily News.

Last week the Huntingtons listed their suburban Maryland house for $465,000. A homemade wooden sign in the home’s well-tended garden reads ‘Huntington’s est. 1993.’

Their neighbors in the bedroom community of Severna Park includes other Secret Service agents and CIA members.

On Friday, family and friends struggled to understand how a loving husband and father could betray his marriage vows. They say Mr. Huntington would never do anything to hurt his wife, who home schools the couple’s two children, ages 12 and 15.

“He wouldn’t do that,” said a female relative. “Not the Arthur that I know. He wouldn’t. They go to church every week.”

It is difficult for females to grasp the concept that men view paid sex as just another business transaction, with no emotional connection.

For men — who are pre-wired from the womb to cheat — anonymous sex allows them to reconcile their natural instincts to be fruitful and multiply (with multiple females), while at the same time remaining faithful to their wives.