NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire proposed to his baby mama, Alexis Welch, today in Paris — and he tweeted a pic of the memorable moment for his followers on!

Amar’e, 29, tweeted: “Paris, the food, & lights were very romantic. When she said yes, it was surreal. I’m still floating.”

All it took for Amar’e to find real love was to date a shallow woman. Amar’e, the 6 ft 11 center for the NY Knicks, left Alexis, the mother of his three children, for superstar singer Ciara last year.

But their romance was tumultuous and brief.

This behavior is typical of most ball players who hit the big time — and become easy targets for gold diggers and fame chasers. The ones who suffer the most are the loyal, faithful girlfriends who stood by their men during thick and thin.

Last year I told you that Amar’e broke up with Ciara and went back to his baby mama.

This was the best thing that could have happened to him, because Amar’e was able to see that the real love he was pursuing was right under his nose all the time.

Photo: Twitter