A writer for Clutch magazine wrote a scathing commentary on struggling R&B singer Brandy and other black celebs who speak out in defense of Chris Brown.

Brown’s career has never recovered from the backlash of his 2010 conviction stemming from the beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Writer Renee Martin hit the nail on the head when she wrote: “It does not help that celebrities are continually suggesting that Brown needs forgiveness.”

Noting that Brandy’s concern for Brown might be motivated by her own selfish interests, Renee writes:

Brandy would be more likely to admit this had she not collaborated with him on her single “Put it Down.” This endorsement sounds like someone who is trying to revive a flagging career no matter the cost.


Renee continues:

There is a long history of ignoring or erasing intra-racial violence in the black community. In former Black Panther Party member Elaine Brown’s book, A Taste of Power, she writes about being expected to ignore the misogyny and violence engaged in by the male members of the movement, because fighting racism was deemed the primary concern, proving that defending those who harm black women has always been historically and socially acceptable.

It was black women who led the crusade to defend R. Kelly when he was charged with child pornography, just as it is black women now speaking out in defense of an admittedly violent man today. Standing by black men when they are attacked due to racism is one thing, but doing so when their actions have caused harm to black women and girls is another. The concerns of black women and black men absolutely diverge when it comes to tackling sexism and gender-based violence, because when it comes to gender, black men are in a position of power. As bell hooks theorized, a black man may face racism in the public sphere, but he can always go home and beat his black wife, and this is a fact that we should not for a moment forget.


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