Oprah Winfrey is struggling to save her OWN Network by calling in favors from stars to appear on her ‘Interview’ specials. Over the weekend, Oprah, 58, flew to Barbados to interview troubled singer Rihanna, 24, for an upcoming TV special. In the past few months, O has interviewed Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and the big 3 members of the world champion Miami Heat.

While pulling out all the stops to save her network, Oprah hasn’t put aside her love of acting. The billionaire was spotted on the New Orleans set of her new movie The Butler. In the film, O plays the wife of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, a man who served as the butler to eight American presidents over three decades.

She aged herself prematurely with stage make-up and a grey wig. Oprah was seen wearing an Obama/Biden t-shirt, which is probably an indication of who her next interview will be with.

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