Emo rapper Drake can’t have Rihanna or Beyonce as his personal play things, so he settles for obsessing over deceased singer Aaliyah, whose beauty preceded and superseded her vocal abilities. Today, Drake released a posthumous track titled “Enough Said,” starring Aaliyah and featuring himself. “Enough Said” is not an exceptional single, but Aaliyah’s unreleased vocals takes center stage. So enough said.

From Toya’s World:

“Enough Said” would have been hotter WITHOUT Drake’s verses because using an Aaliyah record to diss Chris Brown was all sorts of tacky and took away from what would have been a beautiful tribute (“Selling under 150, you ni**as gotta be kidding”). How dare his corny ass use this precious moment to take shots at another artist. Who the hell does he think he is? I want a solo version with just her vocals.

I still argue my point that only Timbaland and Missy should have been doing this because Drake’s infatuation with her goes beyond creepy (she never knew him). Saying that, it’s nice hearing Aaliyah on 2012 production. Concertgoers can catch Drake performing the song live for the first time tonight at OVO Fest in Toronto.

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