Last night I spoke briefly by phone with Zeboe Pullins, the father of Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ 16-year-old daughter, Zonnique “Niq” Pullins. Zeboe called me to set the record straight about his relationship with his daughter, whom he loves dearly.

I can always tell which direction a conversation is going in when it starts off with “Look here miss lady…”

But Mr. Zeboe was charming, sincere and straight to the point. He chose his words carefully — explaining that he and I are “from different worlds.” (I took that to mean he doesn’t read the blogs.)

Zeboe respectfully requested that his name be left out of topics of conversations on the blog, and that he didn’t have anything to prove to my readers.

Zeboe was referring to my post from yesterday wherein I wrote that he hadn’t spoken to his daughter since his release from prison. In fact, Zeboe has been out of prison since Niq was a little girl — and they have spoken many times since then. I would’ve apologized to Mr. Zeboe for getting my facts wrong, but the call ended abruptly with Zeboe saying, “talk to my daughter” about the status of their relationship.

I did reach out to Niq by cell phone, but she was in a California studio last night recording an album with the OMG Girlz.

We bloggers are human; we all make mistakes. But sometimes we bloggers forget that the subjects we write about are human, too. Zonnique loves her father very much, and it’s clear that he loves her. And while they reportedly fell out over the fact that he didn’t attend her 16th birthday party — they have since made up.

I also want to give a shout out to Cheryl, the mother of Zeboe’s 2 younger children, for standing by her man throughout the years. Zeboe may not read the blogs, but Cheryl does — and she is always quick to rush to her man’s defense — as any real woman would do.

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