Brandon at Obama rally

Sometimes children say the most inappropriate things. That is why you don’t push a microphone under a child’s nose at a political rally.

On Thursday, at a rally featuring Michelle Obama in Daytona, Florida, 9-year-old Brandon was asked why he wanted President Obama to win the hotly contested presidential election.

“Because if Mitt Romney win, we’ll be going back to the crop fields,” Brandon said. “We’ll be picking crops.”

What does a 9-year-old boy know about picking crops in 2012?

Brandon at Obama rally

A writer for The notes that Brandon’s father can be heard off-camera laughing.

Brandon continues: “We need Obama to win, because Obama was our president for how many years? Three years. And we need him to win because he’s a good president.”

When Brandon was asked what he wanted Obama to do if he wins, Brandon said: “I want [Obama] to change the world like he did. He’s gonna change the world.”

When the reporter asked if Brandon would knock on doors for Obama, Brandon’s dad said his son would do “everything he can” to help Obama get re-elected.

I guess we should be relieved that Brandon has a father in his life?

Watch the video below.

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