Cee Lo Green

Gossip website TMZ reports that Cee Lo Green’s accuser told police the overweight singer spiked her alcoholic beverage with the street drug Ecstasy — and she has him on tape admitting it.

From TMZ:

According to the police report Cee Lo took the accuser on a date in July to a sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. and the next thing she remembers is waking up naked in bed with Cee Lo in the room.

After reporting the incident to police the accuser and the cops set up a phone sting and recorded Cee Lo repeatedly apologizing and referencing Ecstasy and explaining how he thought it would help them have an exciting time together.

Sources from Cee Lo’s camp tell TMZ the woman contacted them asking for money to make the situation go away before reporting it to authorities.

Ecstasy use among rappers has spiked in recent years. Some rappers are known to hol, d private Ecstasy parties in their hotel rooms where the drug is consumed willingly by strippers who are paid handsomely for their discreet services.

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