Jackie Kennedy Onassis home

Jackie Kennedy Onassis' childhood home is on the market for a modest $44 million. Hedge fund manager David Ganek just listed the 2-story apartment at 740 Park Avenue where Jackie spent her youth from ages 2 through seven.

If you happen to have an extra $44 million laying around your bank vault, there's a few things you should know before you call your broker. No mortgages are allowed in the world's richest building. Come with cash or don't come at all. And by "cash," they mean assets of $100 million liquid. You must also be approved in a vetting process by board members who won't even show up if they've never heard of you. And maintenance fees in this 19-story building of 31 units exceeds $50K a month.

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First Lady Michelle Obama and her entourage arrive to hotel in Miami

It was like a scene out of Eddie Murphy's movie Coming To America when First Lady Michelle Obama and her entourage arrived at the swanky St. Regis Hotel in Miami today.

The streets surrounding the hotel were blocked off by motorcycle cops until the First Lady and her massive entourage entered the hotel. Mrs. Obama was escorted by at least 50 motorcade police officers, her usual Secret Service detail and additional Miami PD patrol units. Cops would not allow anyone to walk or ride their bikes on Collins Avenue until the first lady had arrived into the hotel. Cars that were forced to wait for her majesty's arrival beeped their horns in disgust and expressed their displeasure in very vocal terms at cops.

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Michelle Obama

In an exclusive interview with NBC's TODAY, first lady Michelle Obama reacted to the shocking Cleveland, Ohio kidnapping case.

“My heart just... swells up with relief, because just imagine first losing a child and not knowing whether they're alive or dead or in harm's way,” Mrs. Obama said. “And to be holding out hope for a decade and to finally have those prayers answered is just probably the best Mother's Day gift… that these families will receive.

Mrs. Obama added: "We’re just grateful that they're safe. It is probably a parent's worst nightmare to lose a child in any way, shape or form. But I am just happy for these families that they found their daughters and that they're alive and safe.”

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Iran Digitally Alters Michelle Obama dress

Iran doesn't play when it comes to women guarding their modesty. Some Muslim women practice the longstanding tradition of covering their bodies and hair under layers of material. Other Muslim women just cover their hair while wearing non-traditional clothing like their American sisters.

Iran's state-run news agency was faced with a dilemma this morning when they saw the "slutty" silvery sleeveless dress that First Lady Michelle Obama wore during her surprise appearance on the Academy Awards.

The news agency digitally altered the first lady's dress to show her wearing sleeves -- and they blurred the entire image almost beyond recognition to make it hard for Iranians to tell that there are two females dressed like men standing behind her.

MSNBC NOW has more after the break.

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Beyonce birthday poem for Michelle Obama

Singer Beyonce wished First Lady Michelle Obama a happy 49th birthday on her personal website today. Beyonce abandoned her usual infantile handwritten open letters in favor of a 7 lines of typed prose on a stark white background.
Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Read Beyonce's poem to the first lady after the break.

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Brandon at Obama rally

Sometimes children say the most inappropriate things. That is why you don't push a microphone under a child's nose at a political rally.

On Thursday, at a rally featuring Michelle Obama in Daytona, Florida, 9-year-old Brandon was asked why he wanted President Obama to win the hotly contested presidential election.

“Because if Mitt Romney win, we’ll be going back to the crop fields," Brandon said. "We’ll be picking crops."

What does a 9-year-old boy know about picking crops in 2012?

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