Michelle Obama

Is Michelle Obama losing her hair?

The first lady’s brief appearance on ‘Jeopardy’ sparked a social media frenzy and left many users wondering if she’s going bald.

From In the Know:

The first lady popped up on the long-running quiz show on Tuesday to promote her “Let’s Move!” anti-childhood obesity initiative.

In one clue, FLOTUS talked about rinsing canned vegetables to reduce sodium and how much Vitamin A could be found in sweet potatoes. But what many on social media up in arms appeared to not be nutrition, but an apparent lack of follicles.

But ITK is surmising this mane mystery is more a case of a quirky camera angle and lighting than Obama opting to be the first first lady to debut a chrome dome.

And there you have it; Mrs. Obama isn’t going bald.

On closer inspection, it appears that her thinning hair is pulled back in a severe pony tail. Add to that the bright studio lighting which illuminates her head at an angle that makes it look like her hair is even thinner than it is.

The first lady is simply going through the change.

Team #RealHAIR!

Michelle Obama

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