Chief Keef in custody

The rapper known as chief Keef is now a ward of the state. The effeminate rapper whose real name is Keith Cozart, was taken into custody today for violating his probation. Cozart, 17, was on probation for pointing a gun at Chicago police officers in January 2012.

Judge Carl Anthony Walker found that Cozart demonstrated a “willful disregard” of the court. He’s being held until his sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Chief Keef in custody

The judge ruled that Cozart violated his probation for visiting a gun range in June. The rapper’s attorney Dennis Berkson argued that Cozart visited the gun range during the filming of a promotional rap video. Berkson said Cozart didn’t violate “the spirit of the judge’s order.” But the judge was unmoved. He reminded Berkson that the terms of Keef’s probation prohibited him from even touching a gun.

Judge Walker said it was no different than if Cozart handled a gun in a home. In that situation, he would have violated Cozart’s parole, the judge said.

[The judge clearly hasn’t seen any of Keef’s rap videos.]

Chief Keef made headlines (on the blogs) last Summer after another Chicago rapper, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman, was shot to death on the South Side. Keef took to his Twitter page to mock the slain rapper’s passing.

In October, a Chief Keef associate, Lil Reese, made the news when a cell phone video surfaced showing him brutally assaulting a female.

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