dog ate owners face

Dogs are called man’s best friend and some dog owners refer to their pets as members of the family. But unlike most humans, a dog has no qualms about eating their owners after death.

A pet pug-cross ate its owner’s face after the man died in his Wichita, Kansas apartment, the KWCH reports.

Authorities say a neighbor found the small dog eating its 46-year-old owner’s face after the man lay decomposing for several days.

Neighbors said they had not seen the man since January 1. A maintenance man found the body on Saturday after neighbors complained that the dog would not stop barking.

A neighbor asked the maintenance man to open the apartment window so he could feed the dog since the owner had not been seen in days. But by then the dog had eaten most of the soft tissue of his owner’s face.

According to the Daily Mail, the man’s dog will be put up for adoption at the local humane society.

Despite what animal experts say, a dog does not have to be hungry to begin dining on its owner. The owner doesn’t have to be dead either — just not moving.

Some of you may recall the Tampa boy whose paralyzed fingers were chewed off by his puppy while the boy slept. That dog was later euthanized.

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