Shaquille O'Neal

Maybe NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal should have ‘that talk’ with his son about proper manners and how he should conduct himself when prying eyes are watching.

According to Gossipwelove (via INCAK), Shaunie O’Neal’s 15 year-old son, Myles O’Neal, called the reality star’s boyfriend, Marlon Yates Jr., a “fa–ot,” on Instagram.

Myles is the boy 2nd from left in the above photo. He obviously isn’t fond of his mother’s effeminate boyfriend.

But there’s a time and a place for everything. And it is never a good time for a boy to make rude public comments about his mother’s boyfriend — even if he doesn’t like him.

Marlon Yates pic

The 15-year-old is surprisingly hostile for a pampered millionaire’s kid.

But what do we expect from the spawn of a parents who selfishly focus on their own projects while neglecting the emotional needs of their children?

Marty Tyga Shaq

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