Ron Kronenberger A landlord in Southwest Ohio is under arrest for spanking a tenant on his bare butt with a belt after the tenant fell behind on his rent, reports.

The 29-year-old tenant, who isn’t named for obvious reasons, says he fell behind (no pun intended) a few months on his rent, and agreed to be spanked by 53-year-old Ron Kronenberger.

Police in the tiny village of Waynesville say Kronenberger was charged with assault for the Jan. 22 incident which occurred in his office.

Kronenberger allegedly told the tenant that if he was going to act like a child, he would treat him like one. He then proceeded to spank the tenant four times on his bare butt with a belt, leaving small marks.

Police said the tenant told them he dropped his pants and bent over because he was “scared and just wanted to get it over with.” The tenant allegedly owed Kronenberger $2,800 in back rent.

Kronenberger’s home phone wasn’t taking messages Thursday, according to

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