Gwyneth Paltrow named People Most Beautiful

People magazine has named 40-year-old actress Gwyneth Paltrow as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2013. Fresh faced Paltrow bested other gorgeous candidates such as Kelly Rowland, Jessica Biel and Kerry Washington for the top honor.

In a recent cover story for SELF magazine, Paltrow said eating a “clean diet” has rubbed off on her children, Apple, 8, and Moses, 7, and husband, rocker Chris Martin.

She credits her low-carb, gluten-free, no sugar diet with saving her life and marriage. She said her “clean diet” helped relieve her pent up “unexpressed anger” and gave her a more peaceful outlook on life.

“You feel lighter and your emotions get smoother,” she said. Adding that she often felt “run-down” before changing her eating habits.

Paltrow says she’s just a mom and a wife around the house, not a big star. “I don’t really wear makeup,” she told PEOPLE.

Paltrow, who likes to drop names, said she’s heard Beyonce’s new album and she gives it a thumbs up. She obviously hasn’t heard the garbage that Beyonce has released recently.

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