Kanye Wets's Yeezus Springs a Leak

Kanye West is probably somewhere doing some furniture moving now that his much-antipated album, Yeezus, was leaked in advance of it’s June 18 release date.

Kanye is understandably paranoid about guarding his music from ruthless bootleggers.

To prevent unauthorized leaks of his and Jay Z’s CD Watch the Throne, West, 36, recorded and mixed the tracks in portable studios set up in hotel rooms rather than established studios where leaks are known to occur.

Kanye Wets's Yeezus Springs a Leak

The alnbum leaked online less than 8 hours after BuzzFeed.com published this article titled “8 Reasons You Won’t Hear ‘Yeezus’ Early.”

What do you think of the album so far?


01. On Sight
02. Black Skinhead
03. I Am A God
04. New Slaves
05. Hold My Liquor
06. I’m In It
07. Blood On The Leaves
08. Guilt Trip
09. Send It Up
10. Bound