Kim Kardashian Still Hasn't Named Her Baby

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Despite the lies told by a blog well known for manufacturing fake stories, new mom Kim Kardashian has not named her newborn daughter yet.

4 days after giving birth to her and music producer Kanye West’s firstborn, Kardashian is busy taking visitors and replying to emails and phone calls from celebrity well wishers.

Syndicated radio host Ryan Seacrest emailed Kim to congratulate her, saying: “Yay! Congrats my darling, you’re a mommy!”

Kim, who remains holed up in her luxury maternity suite at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, replied “Cant believe it! [Motherhood is] so crazy!”

Seacrest didn’t say if Kardashian revealed the baby’s name. But a source tells People magazine that Kim and Kanye are close to making a decision.

My west coast sources tell that doctors induced labor 5 weeks early because Kim was exhibiting symptoms of pre-eclampsia (read about Pre-eclampsia here). The premature baby is currently in neonatal ICU. Kim tells friends she’s not leaving the hospital without her baby, which could be weeks.

Despite Kim’s fragile condition, the public couldn’t resist tearing into the narcissistic reality star, who probably hasn’t changed her infant’s diaper yet.

“uv been a mother for 4 days….. and its already crazy????? good luck when your child is in their terrible twos and horrific 3s,” wrote a reader on

It isn’t unusual for first-time mothers to delay naming their preemies until the infants are out of NICU.

Update: People mag confirms my scoop that Kim Kardashian was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

According to The Daily Beast: “The reality star may have had preeclampsia, a fairly common and dangerous condition that results in high-blood pressure for the mother. The magazine reports that because of Kardashian’s severe swelling, doctors made the call to deliver the baby earlier than the mid-July due date. Doctors had to wait until the baby was at least 36 weeks along, and Kardashian was estimated to be around 37 weeks pregnant at the time of her daughter’s birth.”

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