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LA Lakers center Dwight Howard is a father for the 4th or 5th time. No one except his baby mamas know how many kids Dwight has. One of Howard’s baby mama’s, former reality TV star Royce Reed tweeted earlier today: “Congratulations to @DwightHoward & @Christine_vest on the birth of their baby boy! Bray has a baby brother!!! Yay! Had no idea!”

Royce Reed tweet

Like Sean Combs and Lil Wayne, the 27-year-old Atlanta native has fulfilled God’s commandment to multiply and replenish the earth with his seed with multiple women.

From Stiletto Jill:

We know Dwight Howard is a dad. The exact number of children is up in the air and up for speculation depending on who you ask. What I can tell you is that he has at least 4 children. His oldest son Braylon with ex-Basketball Wives cast member Royce Reed plus, two daughters by two different women. And as of today, you can add a baby brother to the fold. Royce congratulated Dwight and his girlfriend, Christine Vest on the birth of their son.

Earlier this year Royce posted a collage with Braylon, herself and the other two of Dwight’s kids’ mothers.

Dwight Howards kids and baby mamas

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