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Royce Reed pleaded "not guilty" in the child neglect case involving her 14-year-old son Braylon Howard.

According to Radar Online, the former "Basketball Wives" star pleaded not guilty in an Orange County, Florida courtroom on Tuesday.

Reed, 41, turned herself in to police on March 10, after she was charged with a third-degree felony for violating a judge's order prohibiting her son from leaving her son alone with minor children.

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In court documents, obtained by TMZ, Braylon was inappropriate with minor children in the past.
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Braylon is Reed's son with Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard, 36.

According to Radar Online, Reed's attorney Andrea Black requested a list of all witnesses who have information about the charge, and any written statements of any oral statements made by a co-defendant (Braylon).

She also requested "any electronic surveillance including wiretapping and if any documents have been seized without her knowledge."

After the story broke, Reed clarified that she wasn't arrested, she turned herself in.

"I shouldn't even have to deal with or address this. I did not get arrested. I turned myself in because I had to. Talk to my attorney," she wrote in a post on Instagram.

Reed said she looked unkempt in her mugshot because she had been crying for hours.

"As for the picture... I was scared as s--- and was crying like a baby the whole time... I'm not 'bout that life' but I did it and we're gonna get though [sic] this."

Reed added that she was anxious to get back to making TikTok videos to entertain her fans.

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Dwight Howard's ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed, was arrested and charged with neglecting their 14-year-old son, Braylon Howard.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Reed turned herself in to Orange County, Florida police on March 10. She is charged with a third-degree felony.

According to police, Reed is working with "professionals" as a result of past incidents involving her son.

She is accused of violating a court order prohibiting Braylon from being around minor children two years younger than him without adult supervision.

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Braylon told police the last time he saw his biological father, Dwight Howard, was "when he was in town for a basketball game, which was a while ago."

He said the last time he visited Howard's Atlanta home was "sometime during the 2020 quarantine."

In 2014, Howard, 36, admitted whipping Braylon with a belt, leaving the boy with welts on his leg. At the time he said he didn't see anything wrong with whipping then-7-year-old Braylon, because that's how he was disciplined.

Howard filed for full custody of Braylon, accusing Reed of being an unfit mother.

The case was closed after authorities found no "substantiated findings of physical injuries."

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Howard, who has at least 5 children by five women, has full custody of his son David, whose mother, Melissa Rios, passed away on March 27, 2020.

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LA Lakers center Dwight Howard is a father for the 4th or 5th time. No one except his baby mamas know how many kids Dwight has. One of Howard's baby mama's, former reality TV star Royce Reed tweeted earlier today: "Congratulations to @DwightHoward & @Christine_vest on the birth of their baby boy! Bray has a baby brother!!! Yay! Had no idea!"

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Like Sean Combs and Lil Wayne, the 27-year-old Atlanta native has fulfilled God's commandment to multiply and replenish the earth with his seed with multiple women.

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According to my spies inside the Velvet Room, rapper Shawty Lo and reality TV star Royce Reed (Basketball Wives) are now an item. Please note the question mark at the end of the post title and please do not quote me on this one. I'm told that the happy couple came to the club together and left together. "Shawty stuck so close to Royce that she couldn't breathe!" said my spy. Shawty, who is signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit Records, has two chicks fighting for his affections in Atlanta. He has quite the reputation for being a ladies man, and now Royce Reed is under his spell!

Rap mogul Polow Da Don has a new lady love. I don't know her name or anything about her, but she wants you ladies to know that Polow is indeed off the market. Polow and his lady attended his 4th annual Celebration 4 A Cure: Where Music Meets Fashion For A Cause event last night in Atlanta presented by Zone 4 Inc. (click here to see more pics). Proceeds from the event will go towards finding a cure for cancer.

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Thanks to a loyal reader for sending this link to pics of Orlando Magic star Dwight "Superman" Howard's gorgeous baby mama, Royce Reed, and their son, Braylon.

How happy are we to see that Royce is not LSLH? How often does that happen in the NBA? Praise HIM!!

Question: who is Dwight dating now?


Who’s that? Why, it’s none other than Royce Reed, former girlfriend of Magic star Dwight Howard. And the little bundle of joy in her arms? That’s Royce & Dwight’s 1-year-old son, Braylon Joshua Robert Howard.

If you recall, little Braylon was the subject of a little controversy involving Dwight. Here was the older Howard, a superstar role model & very devout Christian, spreading the word of God ‘n’ such - and he goes out and impregnates a team dancer, who ends up having Dwight’s baby out of wedlock.

But Royce is back, and ready to show Dwight what he’s been missing out on.

MORE pics after the break!

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