Andrea Sneiderman sentenced

Andrea Sneiderman didn’t shed any tears for her husband, Rusty Sneiderman, on the witness stand during the 2012 trial of the man who killed him. But she shed tears for herself today when she pleaded with Judge Gregory Adams to let her go home to her kids.

The judge ignored her pleas and sentenced Sneiderman to serve 5 years on each charge of perjury for lying to investigators. Sneiderman was convicted of 9 of 13 charges yesterday in a DeKalb County courthouse.

Judge Adams said the sentences would run concurrently — not consecutively, meaning she will only serve 5 years in prison.

“Take her into custody,” said Judge Adams to the court officer. “Lawyers, move out of the way… do not obstruct.”

Andrea Sneiderman sentenced

Rusty Sneiderman was shot and killed by a gunman who ambushed him after he dropped off the couple’s son at a Dunwoody Prep School in November 2010. Andrea’s former boss, Hemy Neuman, was later convicted of the murder.

During Neuman’s trial, Andrea Sneiderman got on the witness stand and lied about her romantic involvement with Neuman. But prosecutors introduced witnesses who observed Andrea and Neuman interacting romantically during a business trip.

The cold, calculating Andrea Sneiderman who got on the witness stand and lied in 2012 is the one who jurors remembered when they took less than 10 hours to convict her on Monday.

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